Baal’s Babies: Abortion and Modern-Day Child Sacrifice
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Baal’s Babies: Abortion and Modern-Day Child Sacrifice

author | Mack Major

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the number one sin Israel kept committing was turning away from God after the demon gods of the other folks around them. One of those who was particularly singled out by God as a most hated was the worship of Baal-Molech.

Part of worshiping Molech involved wild sexual orgies that inevitably led to a large number of unwanted pregnancies. Every year the worshipers of Molech would take the children born from the prior year's sexual activities, and offer those babies as human sacrifices in order to incur the blessings, favor and conveniences offered by their god (see image below).

baal 2
IMAGE: Ancient demon god Moloch, worshiped in child sacrifices by fire over 2,000 years ago

Sound familiar? Molech is still worshiped by many people today. Instead of doing it publicly, people take a private trip to see Molech's priests. They see these priests in places called abortion clinics. And there they offer the child created from their sexual acts as an offering to the same demon, in the hopes of having a more prosperous life...without the baby of course. We simply call this modern day ritual an abortion.

It's not about making a choice: it's about a CHILD! It's not just another form of contraception or birth control: it's RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE!

This applies equally to both men and women by the way. After all: women aren't out there having abortions all alone. Most of the time there's a guy dropping her off and picking her up from the abortion clinic. Fellas, when you encourage a woman to sacrifice the baby you've created together, in the name of convenience, you enter into her sins right along with her. And both of you invite the wrath and judgment of God into your lives.

Do you not know that God will JUDGE those who commit abortion? And let's not mince words here: if you've ever seen a sonogram before or listened to a baby's heartbeat on the monitor, you know that's not some insignificant blob of meaningless tissue. That's a living human baby. And it's a terrible and horrendous thing to kill that baby.

You can also miss me with those outlandish hypotheticals like: 'What if the woman was raped or she's about to die and only an abortion can save her'? Less than 1% of all abortions have anything to do with saving the mother's life: and over 94% are done primarily due to the convenience of having the option to do so.

Let's not kid ourselves: we all know that the overwhelming majority of abortions happen because those women involved don't want the responsibility that comes from their illicit sexual sins. Fornication breeds unwanted pregnancies. Unwanted pregnancies lead to abortions. And abortion in the eyes of God is pure MURDER. Now do you see why fornication is such a terrible sin? It leads to bigger and even greater sins. Not to mention the shame it leaves many women stuck with after the fact.

Over 20 million black babies alone have been aborted since the Roe vs Wade ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court. 20 million! Let that number sink in deep. Because those are the voices of the millions of babies that cried out to the Lord God Almighty as their mothers and fathers had them violently disposed of: for the sake of convenience.

This ritual goes on every day as people carelessly toss His Word to the side and attempt to cover up their sins, ending in a trip to the abortion clinic.

And it ticks Him off beyond our ability to comprehend.

If you've ever participated in an abortion in any way, there is deep forgiveness available in Jesus Christ. But you have to repent. Not just for the abortion itself: but also for the activities and sinful lifestyle that led up to the abortion in the first place.

You can't make excuses for why you did it. If you do, that's not called repentance: that's called being proud. God resists the proud and gives grace to the meek. *James 4:6

Abortion is the type of sin one should definitely be meek about, and honestly seek God's forgiveness and soul cleansing power.

No more excuses! Get it right with God today, before God's judgment finds you first. And trust me: it's coming! Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatever a person sows, that's what they shall reap. It's time to remove this shameful sin from among us once and for all, and seek God with all of our hearts for grace and divine mercy.

This is a hard article and a difficult topic to discuss. Strong feelings, whether pro or against abortion always get stirred, based on one's political leanings. But we must put aside our political indoctrination and see this from God's perspective. We cannot call ourselves sons and daughters of God with this type of sin still attached to us.

Many of you who are reading this are guilty of having had abortions before—some of you have had many. And deep in your heart you know it was wrong. Some of you suffer mental and emotional torment, and have even dreamed about the child that you threw away. Abortion hurts God more than we could ever know. But God is awesome and loving beyond compare. He stands ready and willing to forgive us, even of heinous crimes such as infanticide; which is what abortion is. All we have to do is ask Him to, sincerely from our hearts. And go and sin no more. Don't allow Satan to harden your heart today. For God will certainly judge us severely unless we repent.

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