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Baal Culture

author | Mack Major

Spiritual warfare is REAL. Right now America is steeped in a serious spiritual battle. The implications of this battle will be generational.

As America goes, so goes the rest of the world.

When the Bible speaks about spiritual warfare (see Ephesians 6:12, 2 Cor 10:4-6), we mostly fail to understand exactly what we are warring against. We're not swinging metaphorically at ghosts and spooks from some unseen netherworld. We are actually directly engaged in battle against ancient gods and deities that dominated the minds, myths, politics and the daily lives of people from the pre-Christian era of the world.

This battle did not end when the first generation apostles all died off. We are still locked in this war right now.

When I wrote my latest ebook Spiritually Ink'd, I did it coming from an understanding that our present generation of believers in Jesus Christ are locked in a life and death struggle for our families, cities and nations against the same gods and deities that Paul and the early Church were fighting against. One of those deities is known all throughout scripture as the god Baal.

Baal was by far the toughest spiritual enemy that Israel had to face.

Every time God sent a prophet (or sometimes a prophetess) to remove the influence of Baal worship from the Israelites, usually within a generation or two that influence would be right back again, stronger than ever.

The entire Old Testament can be summed up in fact as one massive spiritual battle: a Battle Of The Gods in a sense, where the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob was constantly showing His supremacy over Baal and the other gods championed by the people who surrounded Israel.

God despised Baal; always has and always will. Because Baal is abominable to Him. Baal worship is a culture that is practiced primarily through various types of sexual improprieties that destroy the God-ordained family structure, and also tends to transcend the laws of nature.

But it also includes something particularly detestable to God: the killing of children and babies as a cultural phenomenon.

One of the ways in which someone showed their allegiance to Baal and its culture was through certain hairstyles where one shaved their head in a way that told others you belonged to Baal. Leviticus 19:27 goes into detail in describing this hairstyle: and to be honest, it sounds a lot like what we today would call a fade and a beard trim! Read it for yourself and tell me it doesn't.

We'll have to dive into that another day.

But one of the more obvious ways one adopted Baal culture was by getting visible tattoos. This is why my ebook was needed: to remind the Church and particularly today's increasingly secularized Christian that tattoos are nothing new. And today's popularity of tattoos is nothing new either. It's as ancient as old school Baal worship.

Baal always marks his people through visible tattoos.

Tattooing is one of the many identifying marks of a Baal worshiper and those who are steeped in Baal culture. Always has been, always will be. Did you know that?

So why then are so many Christians getting tattoos? I'm not talking about what you got before you came to Christ; I'm speaking of those who get tatted after the fact. Why are our standards so much in alignment with things God warned us not to do? Why aren't those godly warnings being heeded these days?

** Make sure you grab a copy of Spiritually Ink'd and increase your knowledge. You're going to need it in the days ahead. Because the spiritual warfare is real. And I fear many who call themselves Christians have already fallen by the wayside, with many more sure to follow.

Be victorious in this hour by standing firmly on the side of Jesus Christ. You're either for Him or you're against Him. And if you're for Him, you should act like it. There can be no middle ground.

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