Are BGLOs (Black Greek Letter Organizations) Relevant Anymore?
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Are BGLOs (Black Greek Letter Organizations) Relevant Anymore?

author | Mack Major

It’s been more than 100 years since the first BGLOs got started. So, we've basically had a century of Black Greek Letter Organizations riding the helm of black leadership in America.

My question is simple...and I'd REALLY like some honest answers and opinions:

After 100 years of BGLO's, how has things gotten better for black people in America?

After all, the going narrative is that nothing has really changed for black people in America, especially in light of all the police shootings, the amount of black people in prison, the high number of black men being murdered by other black men, an extremely high infant mortality rate, STDs, black women leading the nation in HIV infections, failing schools, high crime in black communities...communities typically being run and presided over by the so-called black elites who are overwhelmingly members of some Black Greek fraternity or sorority.

If you let some people tell it, we've actually gone BACKWARDS about 100 years. So, is the existence of BGLOs even justified at this point...or is it really just a 'feel-good' club for black people who pretend to be necessary for the overall health and well-being of their communities, while really helping to hold those communities back through archaic and outdated ways of thinking?

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