Black America Is Dying Under Democrats
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Black America Is Dying Under Democrats

author | Mack Major

The poorest American cities with the largest black populations also have the highest poverty and crime rates out of all US cities. They also share this in common: they all happen to be under long term Democratic political domination. Coincidence? Let the facts speak for themselves.

The Democrat Party has conducted social experiments in America cities with large Black populations. Our cities are being used as a social petri dish to try out the unproven theories, ideas and cockamamie economic strategies of progressives and far left liberals.

These experiments are being carried out primarily on unsuspecting minority groups (not just blacks) who make up large portions of our biggest cities.

Just as the Tuskegee Experiments were initiated and conducted under government sponsorship against black people for medical reasons, the Democrats have been carrying out social experiments against black people for economic and political reasons.

These social experiments of the Left have absolutely failed in the sense that they've resulted in:

  • mass poverty,
  • broken families,
  • unbelievable crime rates,
  • gang proliferation and violence,
  • exacerbated racial problems,
  • economic disenfranchisement,
  • mass incarceration, and
  • the loss of upward mobility for many black,
  • poor white and Latino residents.

* The Tuskegee Experiments were carried out by the US Public Health Services during the 12 year administration of President Franklin D. Roosevelt: a Democrat; and consisted of using black men as test subjects to watch the progression of the syphilis disease within a human subject. These experiments were done against the knowledge of the participants under extremely deceptive measures. Sounds like a typical Democrat operation.

BELOW I'VE LISTED JUST A SAMPLING OF THE CITIES CURRENTLY UNDER LONG-TERM DEMOCRATIC GOVERNANCE. Most of the cities on this list are among the poorest in America. And they have some of the highest crime rates. Yet they sit in the hands of Black Democratic mayors and white liberals. Something's obviously wrong here. Why does it seem that high crime, poverty and economic loss follow Democratic leadership: at least as it pertains to African-Americans and those on the lower economic rungs of the social ladder?

WHEN DONALD TRUMP ASKED Black voters during his campaign "What the hell do you have to lose"—he asked within the context of what you're about to see below. That one simple question caused my wife and I to do some serious soul searching, as well as the research needed to reach the conclusion that not only was Mr. Trump right: but we ourselves were wrong for allowing ourselves to be conditioned as African-Americans to blindly vote Democrat for so long, based on community and familial tradition alone.

It's time for black Americans to reassess, reconsider and to realize that the Democratic party we've aligned ourselves with for so long has left us in a worse shape and condition than we were prior to that uncontested alliance beginning. We own less businesses, have less banks, own less land, and exercise less competitive advantage against other groups: including newly arrived immigrants who have much less voting power than black Americans have.

Let's take a look at some examples of what a long term alliance with Democrats and liberals has netted us.

bando 1
Image 1: New Orleans—148 years under Democratic mayors!

bando2Image 2: Chicago—89 years under Democrats.

Image 3: Detroit—55 years under Democrats.

Image 4: Baltimore—52 years of unbroken Democratic government.

Image 5: Buffalo NY—54 years under Democratic leadership.

Image 6: Atlanta—141 years since Atlanta had a Republican mayor. Every mayor since 1879 to the present has been a Democrat!

Image 7: Cincinnati—36 years under Democratic leadership.

Image 8: Cleveland—32 years under Democrats.

Image 9: St. Louis—71 years under Democratic authority.

Image 10: Milwaukee—60 years under the Democrats.

Image 11: Philadelphia—64 years under Democratic leadership.

Image 12: Newark, NJ—67 years under Democrats.

Image 13: Camden, NJ—84 years under the Democrats.

bando14Image 14: Washington DC—45 years under Democratic city mayors and managers. This scene is just moments from the White House.

Image 15: Flint, Michigan—45 years under Democratic mayors. Since 1975 Democrats have run the city of Flint, Michigan. Whatever water fiasco that took place did so while under the watchful eye and control of the Democratic Party. Once the headquarters for General Motors and known as 'The Vehicle City,' GM went from employing 80,000 workers locally in 1978 to just under 8000 by 2010.

It doesn't take a genius to figure out that we need a change: FAST. As in RIGHT NOW! No need in holding things off for another 20 years or more.

No more delaying. I'm pushing for change asap: and for me that change will only come when black people stop giving away 80% of our collective voting power to the one party that has a history of economically disenfranchising black Americans.

When you look at the information provided above about these Democratically run cities and measure them alongside with history, it's clear the Democrats and liberals are still up to their old tricks.

Democrats have always played the "victimized by racism" game against black people—often being the perpetrator of the racism—and continue to do so now by practicing economic racism. Ultimately, nothing will change until we change.

It's time to split the black voting power in America. More of us need to slide over to the conservative side and start voting Republican. Not just blindly for the sake of voting differently. But let's vote along party lines that endorse a platform for self-development, self-improvement and economic self-determination. No more welfare state politics and progressive social experimentation! Those have laid waste to an entire generation of potential black entrepreneurs, fathers, mothers, offspring and led to wholesale community devolution.

This isn't just a 'black' problem. It's an American problem. Because how black America goes, so goes the rest of America.

Our nation is made up of various towns and cities. And cities are made up of various communities. How each community fairs determines how the nation as a whole will fair. The black community in its various forms of current disarray are just a mirror reflection of bad leadership and poor Democratic policy-making. And nothing will change until the people most effected catch an elevated vision of their collective self-worth and determine to immediately bring about a change.

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