Socialism is Satan's Counterfeit Kingdom
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Socialism is Satan's Counterfeit Kingdom

author | Mack Major

If you've been paying attention to the news you've probably heard the term socialism mentioned a lot. Basically, liberals love it and conservatives hate it.

But for the Christian it should be understood that socialism is really just Satan's fake knock-off version of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ over the world. It's a dummy system that purports to take the wealth of the richest and redistribute it to the poorest―so that none suffer lack.

It sounds good on paper and even sounds like what the early Church practiced in the Book of Acts. The problem is that the early Church was able to practice such divinely-orchestrated harmony and unity because they were totally and completely led by the Holy Spirit. They had no other ulterior motive.

But when wicked men who deny Christ and have their own selfish motives at heart attempt to do the same, socialism never pans out how it’s often promised and portrayed. It only tends to cause human misery and death on a massive scale.

During the entire 20th century, Satan attempted to find a country he could establish socialism on as his home base.

Everywhere he tried—Russia, Turkey, Germany, Cambodia, North Korea, Vietnam, Uganda, Cuba, China as well as many other places—it literally led to the deaths, starvation and massacres of at least 100 million people by most estimates.

And it would've led to the deaths of many more had God not intervened and the people themselves rejected the system that caused them so much oppression. God is still in control of the times and events that are allowed to play out on the Earth. (Revelation 16:9; Matthew 24:36; Acts 1:7)

Socialism is Satan's system. It's his copycat version of the Kingdom of God established on Earth.

It should be noted that the very system of The Beast in Revelation chapter 13 is socialism in a nutshell. For example:

  • Government issued 'mark' required of everyone as a means of control and participation in the system of The Beast―Revelation 13:16
  • Government control over business and production (no man can buy or sell without the appropriate government issued means―Revelation 13:17

This is socialism/communism in a nutshell!

It should also be noted that a large percentage of those who suffered the most under socialism were and are Christians. Because Satan hates Christians. And wherever socialism takes root Christianity will be immediately brought under subjection: like what's happening in Europe and Canada right now.

Satan has his eyes on America as his ultimate trophy.

Watch these upcoming political battles tightly. They will literally be spiritual warfare unfolding right before our very eyes. And things are not likely to be what you think. What may seem obvious to some will remain hidden to others. And those you may think are your enemies may actually be God-sent.

It will require an uncommon level of wisdom and understanding to see what's taking place. So pray and ask God to open your eyes and your mind—and catch it if you can.

These are exciting times, but they are also dangerous times: especially for believers. So keep your eyes open and your head on a swivel. And know the times we are living in. Christ is coming back sooner than most think.

In 2016, I was attacked personally along with Eden Decoded by a well-known politically affiliated group of socialists calling themselves The Young Turks. You've probably seen them on TV or social media before.

This is the same group responsible for helping put congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib into office in recent elections. And they absolutely hate my work.

What's interesting about the name 'the young turks' is that in history during the period known as the Armenian genocide of 1915-1917, it was the young turks of the Ottoman Empire who were responsible for murdering 1.5 million Christians, in their attempt to purge the empire of all Christian influence. It was total unmitigated genocide.

Little wonder why they chose to use that name. The need to remove the Christian influence from America still drives their satanic hearts even now.

Keep me in your prayers, as well as all the saints. We will be needing each other in the days ahead more than ever. Things are about to get real.

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