Crossing the Line
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Crossing the Line

author | Mack Major

If you've ever engaged in masturbation, 9 times out of 10 you learned how to do so from watching porn.

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But unbeknownst to most porn watchers, both the acts and the actors they're witnessing are engaged in different forms of demonic sex rituals. Which is interesting when you take into account that one definition for porn in the original Greek language is "IDOLATRY:" the act of worshiping a false god (demonic spirit) through rituals—including sex rituals!

Masturbation is really a form of worshiping a demon!

MASTURBATION IS A SEX RITUAL that was used primarily in ancient fertility rites. And one cannot invoke God through ancient demonic rites or through occult sex rituals. Images of masturbation and other types of 'porn' were found all over the ancient walls and statues of Pompeii, and on the walls of old Oriental Hindu temples; because masturbation and porn were used to invoke the power of demons for a blessed harvest or a bountiful pregnancy, etc. This is where masturbation being a demon portal comes into play.

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Ancient Hindu temple relief

We have an expression in our country: Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This goes equally for ignorantly engaging in demonic sex rituals, such as masturbation. If you invoke demons, they'll eventually show up. And that's when you'll have Hell to pay for your ignorant behavior.

How many of you will be honest enough to admit that you sometimes feel like you are being watched by an invisible presence in the room when you masturbate? Here's the thing: you are!

That presence is called a demon. And it lurks in the shadows, waiting for an opportunity to pounce and enter your body.

By watching porn and masturbating to it, you are entering into A SEXUAL COVENANT with the demonic spiritual force behind pornography, which can be called a spirit of fornication: thus giving legal permission for that demon to enter your body and take up residence.

This demon seeks to become one with you. And if you continue flirting with it via ungodly sexual activity, it will eventually succeed and enter your body.

And once that happens your sexual desires won't be yours alone anymore. You'll share those desires with an evil spiritual entity that will use lust and sex to wreak pure havoc in your life.

This is very serious stuff!

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