Are You Under A Demonic Attack?
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Are You Under A Demonic Attack?

author | Mack Major

Are you under a demonic attack?

  • Do you find yourself stuck in a rut, going in circles, unable to get ahead, or on top of life without being pulled right back to the same place of stress and struggle?

  • Do relationships that should last always end in pain, hurt, a broken heart and sorrow?

  • Is your mind constantly troubled by thoughts of harming others or harming yourself?

  • Do you feel like a layer of uncontrollable anger or violence is seething right beneath the surface, ready to erupt out of you at any moment under the right circumstances?

  • Do you suffer from unreasonable and unfounded fear; the kind that debilitates you from living a happier, more productive life?

  • Do you find yourself powerfully attracted to movies, books, magazines and TV shows dealing with witchcraft, the occult, demons, new age, auras, channeling, spiritism, or other things from the dark side?

  • Have you ever visited with a psychic or a medium who read your palm or used a tarot deck to foretell your future?

  • Have you ever played around with a Ouija board―and actually experienced the planchette piece moving around to spell specific things on the board?

  • Have you experienced being held down while asleep by some powerful dark force that felt like someone was sitting on your chest or choking you?

  • Have you ever participated in a satanic ceremony, a voodoo ceremony, Santeria, or tried a prescription given to you by someone in witchcraft that involved the use of herbs, talismans, jewelry or body fluids in a spell against others?

  • Did you experience sexual abuse or trauma as a child?

  • Did you witness or participate in a murder?

  • Have you had, drove someone to, encouraged or paid for someone to have an abortion?

  • Is there a history of mental illness that runs in your family?

Answering yes to any of these, could mean that somehow a doorway to the demonic has been opened into your life; and now those spirits are around you―possibly in you―causing untold pain, oppression, misery, illness; even premature DEATH.

God is very real. Unfortunately, Satan is real too; and so are demonic spirits. Many in and out of the Church suffer needlessly today because of our failure to recognize and deal with the reality of demonic forces that exist all around us.

Jesus spent the majority of His life's work on dealing with demonic spirits, ridding people of their evil presence and torment. He taught His disciples to do the same. Why is it that we in our postmodern world think that we are too sophisticated to deal with dark forces that Jesus and the early Church found very necessary to confront and address?

If demons were real in their era, they're just as real in ours!

The difference is that we often pretend as if they're not real; and many souls suffer and are sadly lost due to our willful neglect.

God wants us to be totally free from demonic oppression. But first we must recognize when and if demons are actually at work in our lives.

And for those who don't think a Christian can be oppressed or besieged by demonic forces:

There once was a Jewish king named Saul who was filled with the Holy Spirit: the same Holy Spirit many of you today claim to have inside of you. But king Saul lost his way in God, and eventually grieved the Presence of God to the point where the Holy Spirit departed from him. And once that happened an evil spirit took up residence in Saul's life instead.

By the end of his life, King Saul was fully engaged in dabbling in the occult, consulting witches and necromancers to forecast his future. And that's how he died.

So yes, a believer can be besieged by demonic forces: especially if you engage in a lifestyle that is clearly sinful and forbidden by scripture. But there is hope!

* My latest ebook SOME ENTER THROUGH PLEASURE specifically focuses on the type of demons that enter people’s lives through sexual sin. It also includes some biblically based remedies for dealing with these types of spiritual problems.

This ebook reveals how these evil spirits operate through sex to entrap believers, steal their productivity, time, and wealth, and lock up their divine destinies. It shows why living a clean, natural and a godly sex life is so important in today's world. And if you are plagued with problems because of ungodly sexual activity, it shows you exactly what you can do, to get the help and freedom you need.

These demons will keep people in poverty, steal their joy, embargo their blessings, steal their peace of mind, destroy their relationships, rob people of their wealth and financial prosperity, cause business deals to fall through and become unsuccessful, draw people into witchcraft and the occult, attract darker, more demonic spirits into the person's life.

SOME ENTER THROUGH PLEASURE is designed to be both informative, and a life-changing experience for anyone who feels currently oppressed by the demonic. And with that being said: take advantage of our 50% off exclusive offer. Download your copy right now!

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