The N-Word Must Die...And White Guilt Must Die With It
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The N-Word Must Die...And White Guilt Must Die With It

author | Mack Major

I'm from the hood. Grew up there, ran the streets, and seen a few things. Some things I wish I'd never seen; and many things I wish I could forget.

I witnessed many arguments turn physical and have lasting deadly consequences. Every time I witnessed an altercation between two black people that turned violent, it was ALWAYS preceded by an abundant use of the N-word.

It was as if, the one who was about to strike first had to hype themselves into violent action by dehumanizing the one they were about to attack by calling them the term.

So this whole argument that whites can never use the N-word because they historically meant it for evil—but somehow blacks can use it because we don't mean it the same harmful way—is a bunch of lying nonsense.

The N-word is used to completely demean, objectify and dehumanize the one it’s being used against. That has always been its only purpose; and always will be.

Let’s step on some toes for a moment.

The real reason black folks don't want to give up the use of the N-word is because it's our ultimate play on the white-guilt collective consciousness.

It's our last and final ace in a hole to ensure white people never forget that they collectively owe us an unpaid debt—one that we can never realistically collect on—but which serves as a useful tool to keep white people from pressuring us too much to act in a mature manner that they know we are capable of.

» In other words, we'll never give up the full use of the N-word as long as collectively we wish to remain lazy by courting sympathy for being victims of yesterdays' racism. Which is ironic because few of us alive today had to contend with yesterday's racism; and certainly don't contend with anything remotely like it today.

No one who milks the victim narrative wants to give up the power of their manipulative trigger words that when heard by others releases an overwhelming flood of sympathy and feelings of guilt from the ones we want to exploit. The goal is to get them to back off when requiring more of us. We get them to retreat by bringing up racism.

Black people wish to outlaw whites from using the word, but want to reserve the right to use it themselves. Because ultimately, in spite of how much we claim we're ready to move into a post-racial future, we know that doing so means no longer being given a victim-pass.

It means we would have to completely grow up and take our place as an adult race in this society, no longer getting the benefits of being looked at as perpetual children.

Black America can no longer afford to be that 40-year-old adult child still living in its mother's basement.

And too many black Americans have become comfortably lulled into a state of dependency by the black sympathy hustlers: the black 'leaders' who've been milking white guilt for its lucrative benefits for decades. These have no intentions on giving up the succulent milk bottle any time soon.

White liberals are all too ready to use these black sympathy hustlers by giving them a platform to broadcast their pretend angst from; just as long as the wrathful arrows of white guilt can be aimed and directed at their Republican rivals.

Notice how quickly liberals will give a platform to any black man or woman who cries racism—even if they're barely or not even black at all—as in the case of Rachel Dolezal and Shaun King.

Yet Liberals deny the same platform to any black person the moment they correctly remind America of the racist past of the Democrat party: the same party that literally gave us the common use of the N-word—and still continue to do so via rap music, blaxploitation movies and ratchet so-called reality shows: all of which are controlled and put out by the white liberals in Hollywood who tend to vote as Democrats.

It's time for Americans to stop being obtuse and condescending in our thinking on race matters! Black people don't need condescending liberals (or conservatives for that matter) to hold our hand. What we need is a firm and resolute expectation to take our place at the table of modern civilization as cognizant equals.

We're not a charity case. Nor are we mental inferiors. We've just been led by far too many unscrupulous black leaders, who've manipulated the anger of black resentment, transforming its kinetic energy into lucrative careers for themselves, while simultaneously leading black folk away from the most productive courses of action that would produce highly productive self-sustained communities.

Anger can be a powerful transformational force for betterment. An angry spouse might demand better treatment and get it. An angry employee might finally get that much needed raise.

But what has black America received from its decades of being angry?

Burned out communities that they, not their perceived oppressors, have to reside in. Reduced social services. An increased police presence. Empty promises made by politicians and civic leaders, who use that kinetic force of black anger to promote themselves into positions of power and leadership, while the embers are still smoldering. Meanwhile the angry black mobs eventually go home and back to the very same unchanged circumstances that led to the initial blow up.

Because it's easier to be angry than to be responsible. It's easier to get mad and stay that way, than it is to stay motivated long enough to be productive and then sustain prosperity.

White liberals think its their role to guide the development of black Americans. They did this too back in the late 1800's going into the turn of the last century: and helped develop us into being complacent Negroes who were compliant with the customs of Jim Crow, and complicit in our own legalized subjugation.

White sympathy ultimately makes black people lazy. We depend on it long after it’s proven itself to be not useful, because of the perceived benefits we get from letting someone else take responsibility for our community. It's like the person who pretends to be sick because everyone around them caters to them more when they're sick than when they're fully healthy.

Black Americans aren't sick. We've just come to rely too heavily on white guilt, which has the unintended side effect of killing black ambition.

Many of us claim to want equal rights, but what we really desire are special rights. And those special rights would allow us to get away with things white folks could never get away with: not without bearing the dreaded scarlet letter of being labeled a racist.

Far too many black Americans lack sophistication of thought when it comes to dealing with the nuances of America's racial history.

In order to remedy this lack, it will require getting out of the liberal intellectual bubble and away from the black group think where factual analysis can break the captive mind free.

This liberal intellectual bubble, and accompanying group think, is where many black Americans get the erroneous thinking that having special rights will somehow empower them against the perceived infallibility of having white skin, which far too many white and black liberals think has magically imbued those who possess it with power to get special benefits that are not easily availed to those of a darker hue.

This way of thinking has crippled the prowess of an entire race for an entire generation.

Newsflash: equal rights don't mean special rights. It means the right to completely self-actualize by bringing to fullest fruition every seed of possibility and potentiality given to us individually by our Creator unhindered by any law or system that would seek to do otherwise.

In this respect, white guilt is just as destructive to black America as Jim Crow was. It basically had the same effect and produced the same results. And the black sympathy-hustlers of today are just as deadly to our universal progress as the race mobs were of 1919.

What we need is a new paradigm: one totally devoid of tepid masculinity and feckless leadership, where black people are free from peer-pressure to develop deeper thought beyond the group-think, without the fear of being ostracized from within the race.

We need people who are not afraid to break the code of black silence, and who are willing to cross the fence, obtain a new way of thinking and who will dare to be the difference that's sorely needed in this hour.

Will it be you?

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