How To Deal With A Sexual Terrorist
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How To Deal With A Sexual Terrorist

author | Mack Major

The worst thing a Christian woman can do is to be too 'saved' to have sex with her husband! You'd be surprised how common this is. I have a ton of inboxes from guys complaining about this problem.

What's the purpose of a man even getting married these days if his spouse has no intention of being intimate with him once marriage vows are exchanged? Then if he falls into temptation by watching porn or actually stepping out to cheat, he's the problem.

To the guys going through this: your spouse withholding sex is a POWER MOVE.

Understand the nature of how women seek power. Women seek power primarily through using the hope of sex as a way of gaining an advantage against men. They dangle sex in front of you as a way to get you to do what they want you to do.

This is why you'll have women complaining about men treating them as sex objects while simultaneously wearing skin tight or revealing outfits. This is a way for those women to receive an ego-boost by feeling superior to gawking men who they know are physically attracted to them. These women have no intention on holding a conversation with the men who are trying to talk to them. They wear what they do just to get the reaction of attraction which makes them feel empowered.

Women feel most empowered when they can control men sexually. The whole Me Too movement thrives on women with often frail egos using sexual politics as a way of gaining a feeling of control and power over very powerful men. It's the whole Samson effect. The money Delilah got paid for tricking Samson was nothing in comparison to the fact that we still know her name thousands of years later for taming and bringing down one of the mightiest men in history. And she did it using sex.

Married women use sex to train their husbands to be the way they want them to be and to do the things they want their man to do. It's like training an animal by withholding its favorite food or treat unless the animal performs some kind of trick to earn the treat.

Don't let yourself fall into this form of aggressive behavioral modification. And never ever negotiate sex with a sexual terrorist! Because that's exactly what your spouse is acting like if she refuses to have regular sexual relations with you. She's acting like an agent of Satan to control you. And God can't use a man who's controlled by Satan via his wife's vagina.

There is a way to get this back under control. And it's easier than you think. You just need to be coached a little. That's why I wrote POWER. That's my ebook written specifically for guys; and it will coach you on exactly what to do to get your wife back on track if she's turned into a sexual terrorist.

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