Is Someone Using Witchcraft Against You?
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Is Someone Using Witchcraft Against You?

author | Mack Major

Is someone working witchcraft against you—and you don't even know it?

  • Having problems sleeping at night? Can't get a peaceful rest even though you sleep 6-8 hours straight?

  • Are your dreams invaded by dark images or nightmares that wake you in a state of fear and terror?

  • Do you experience strange pains in your body not related to strenuous work; or powerful debilitating headaches that seem to strike out of nowhere?

  • Do you find yourself strangely attracted to someone you're not even physically attracted to—yet you find it difficult to not be around this person?

  • Do you find yourself struggling all the time to find a meaningful purpose in life; or sometimes feel completely despondent as if life has no meaning, and you can't see a future in life with you in it?

  • Does your mind constantly turn towards thoughts of dark things such as suicide, murder, physical harm towards family members or co-workers—even though you know you're not a violent person, and you're too afraid to tell anyone else about those thoughts because they might look at you weird?

Don't worry: you're not crazy. These are just SOME of the signs that you are under a spiritual attack: and someone is possibly trying to use witchcraft against you.

Do you even know how to ward off spiritual attacks from witches?

I'm talking to you Christians too! Especially Christians. You are the number one target for witch attacks, whether you know it or not. Because to them: you are enemy number one!

Some of your friends in your circle, at school or work, and even some of your sorority sisters are probably witches.

And if you're still out there on the dating scene doing the serial dating thing: I can assure you that at some time or another you've encountered a practicing witch. Probably even slept with a few.

Ladies: remember that 'hotep' guy who seemed so deep, spiritually in-tune and always smelling like oils and herbs? That guy was most likely into witchcraft and using his knowledge of the occult on you.

And if you're not deeply rooted in Jesus Christ, you run the risk of having a chink in your armor that the enemy could get through and pierce you to your hurt and destruction.

Fellas: you ever find yourself attracted to someone you're not even attracted to? For some reason you found yourself constantly around this person—even when you didn't really want her around?

This is especially true when you tried breaking up with the person. You broke up yet you still couldn't leave her alone. And some kind of way she isolated you from family and friends so that she had you all to herself.

Remember how she always seemed to be burning candles and smelled like incense when you went over her house? That woman was most likely using love spells and hexes on you. And because we aren't taught to look out for these things, we run the risk of falling victim to them.

When Paul said we were not wrestling against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces and powers, he wasn't just filling in the empty pages of the Bible. He was being 100% real—not to scare us, but to warn us that we have very real spiritual enemies that want to see out destruction.

You wouldn't need spiritual armor unless you could be hurt or possibly even killed. This is why we must always take spiritual warfare seriously.

There's a reason why so many Christians are sickly, divorcing, kids running crazy, having crazy financial problems, committing suicide and enduring all types of mental disorders: many of them are under spiritual attack from real witches.

It's time for you to understand the stakes and learn how to protect yourself, and how to fight back and WIN.

** I want to arm you with a tool of Light that will help you in this very real spiritual battle we are currently undergoing with witches in this hour. It's my brand new ebook, which is simply titled Witch.

Take this for a joke if you want: but just google the term 'witches hex' and see how many articles pop up about witches working together in unison to place curses against Christians right now. It's happening all across America and around the world.

Satan literally has YOU in his crosshairs. Only the grace of God is sustaining you, lest you be devoured. That's why I want you to have my powerful new ebook. Know what you are up against. Arm yourself for battle and protection. And know how to come out on top and WIN. 

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