The New KKK
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The New KKK

author | Mack Major

Black people are becoming the new KKK.

THINK ABOUT IT: back in the day whenever black folks got out of line, the KKK would be sent to put them back in line. The white Democrats had a strict way they wanted black people to think and live, and refused to tolerate disobedience or any deviation from that assigned worldview.

Nowadays when you step out of line they don't send the Klan to you. Instead they send liberal-trained Black Democrats to chastise and put you back in line.

IN OTHER WORDS: they've trained black people to be their own self-policing KKK-like race soldiers! These will keep other black people in line whenever they deviate from expected black Democrat groupthink and norms.

If you fail to think like the black masses or act like the black masses, the Black Klan will show up on your Twitter feed to remind you of what your place is.

Twitter is the new Jim Crow south. It's the new whipping post; the new way to 'break a black buck.' That's where the Black Klan shows up to publicly check and humiliate free-thinking black people.

Think free from Democrat mob groupthink and you'll be called coon, Uncle Tom, sellout, self-hater: not by white folks. But from other black folks who think it's their job to remind you how you're supposed to think, vote or feel about certain issues that affect the black community.

What most black folks fail to grasp or comprehend is that the way we've been taught to think is just that: TAUGHT. The question then becomes: Who taught it to us?

It's time for black Americans to follow a NEW script! For too long we've given our full allegiance to a party (the Democrats) who've done nothing but play us for suckers just to gain our vote.

Black people vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party, which ironically is the same political party that:

  • fought to keep us enslaved,
  • fought against Reconstruction,
  • put us under Jim Crow,
  • and gave birth to America's first homegrown terrorist group: the KKK.

** We need to free our minds from the demonic influence this party has held over us for more than a generation. And the way we do that is by reading material like my ebook titled NEGROPHOBIA.

NEGROPHOBIA is the book that racists and white supremacists don't want you to read. It's a book that will open Black America's mind like never before. You will be liberated to think for yourself, follow your own compass, dream your biggest dreams—all without fear, apprehension or a desire to dream a little smaller because of the ever haunting specter of racism lingering over your shoulder.

By the time you finish reading NEGROPHOBIA, you will be a free man or woman indeed—and for some of you, you will feel free for the very first time in your entire life. Start reading right now! Click the button below to get your copy. God bless.

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