Positioned To Prosper In A Recession
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Positioned To Prosper In A Recession

author | Mack Major

God wants to position you to prosper during these economic hard times.

There seems to be a pattern: whenever God sent a famine—economic deprivation—on the land, he used it as an opportunity to prosper those that trusted in Him.

During the famine in Abraham's day, God prospered Abraham tremendously.

When a severe famine struck Canaan in the days of Isaac, the Bible says that Isaac sowed during the famine: a daring feat of trust and faith in God. And in the same year he gained a hundredfold return. This caused him to be the only one in the area who had grain. This made him very rich.

The famine that occurred in the days of Joseph was used as an opportunity by God to make Joseph a man of high importance. And it made him extremely wealthy and prosperous in the land of Egypt..

It's no surprise that we are currently going through a recession in America and many other parts of the world. Recessions are like famines: they spell economic trouble for those who are going through it.

God hasn't ordered economic hardship for those who love Him. But He uses those times to prosper His children, causing us to stand out and be preeminent in the midst of a sea of averageness. He wants people to see the difference between those He's blessing, and those who need to repent.

But in order to prosper during economic hard times, we must position ourselves to be blessed. This is what Isaac did when he sowed during the famine of his day. The reason why this is so amazing is that a famine would literally be the worst time to sow crops. Famine meant there hadn't been any rain. And to plant crops during a dry season was counterintuitive to what any reasonable farmer would do. One risked losing his crops, his animals and possibly even the lives of his family by sowing during a time of famine.

However, Isaac had heard from God. His initial plan was to take his family and all that he owned and travel to Egypt to ride out the famine. That way he would have access to grain for his livestock and food for his household. But God appeared to him in a dream, telling Isaac not to go to Egypt. He promised to bless Isaac right where he was at.

Isaac planted a flag of faith in God right there where he stood. When others saw famine, he saw economic opportunity. He gave the order to his servants to sow; in the midst of the famine. It was a bold step of faith. And God honored his trust in the Divine by granting Isaac a supernatural 100 fold return.

» Where is God positioning you for this current time of economic famine? What will you sow—in faith—to show God that you trust His Word in your life?

When Isaac sowed during the famine, it activated something in the heavenly realm that manifested on earth in the form of full financial supply and economic opportunity, both during and after the hard times. God wants to bless you the same way. He's as much with you as He was with Isaac. And all you need in order to activate His blessings in your life is faith that produces clear and definite action.

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By sowing into our work you will be enabling us to reach more people, produce more content, write more books and bring more souls to a healthy eternal relationship with our Heavenly Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just use the button below. The best insurance against hard times is sowing by faith into God's work today. God will both remember your sowing, and use it as a pretext to bless you in return, in ways you never would have imagined.

"For God is not unjust. He will not forget your work and the love you have shown for His name as you have ministered to the saints and continue to do so." Hebrews 6:10

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