Red Light Politics: Why African-Americans Won't Progress Into the Next Decade
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Red Light Politics: Why African-Americans Won't Progress Into the Next Decade

author | Mack Major

Have you noticed that the only industries that thrive in the hood are the ones that cater to single unwed mothers? In other words: businesses that cater to fornication. Sadly, this also includes many churches!

QUESTION: What do beauty supply stores, liquor stores, day care centers, hair salons, nail shops, income tax businesses and churches all have in common?

ANSWER: they all cater to low-income single women and unwed mothers. And by definition an unwed mother is someone who indulges in fornication—which is how she typically ends up as an unwed mother.

Many single women who aren’t mothers yet aren't any different. Many of them are living lifestyles of fornication too. They either hide it by getting abortions, or they simply haven't got caught slipping yet. I know this may be uncomfortable to read, but we have to talk about these things!

The hood caters to single mothers and SIN. Which is precisely why it has become a death trap for so many: especially black men.

The hood is really the just reward for rebellion against God.

Women these days have rebelled against God's assigned authority—male leadership. This is why many women value the man's penis, but not his position as a leader. They value his head but not his headship. Let that one sink in for a moment.

In their often-extreme pride and arrogance, many of these women actually expect God to bless their lifestyles of fornication and rebellion.

»  They expect for God to make their lives better, when they're not even repentant for their lifestyles of sin. No repentance for fornication, none for adultery, none for being lascivious, none for abortion.

It's the kids that end up suffering the most—because they are the fruits of all that fornication.

They're fornication babies and for all intents and purposes, bastards. One of the textbook definitions of a bastard is someone born of parents who are not married to one another. It means to be born illegitimately. Illegitimate means not authorized by law—the law being God’s Law.

What kind of curse does it bring upon a generation of children who are born as a result of defying and breaking God’s laws?

This doesn't mean God rejects them; for He already declared that anyone who comes to Me I will in no wise cast out. But it does mark these kids of fornication as outside of the protective covering that comes from being born under conditions favored by God, as opposed to conditions which God has not authorized.

Let’s set some order back into the hood!

The man has been assigned headship by God. It's an anointing that each man carries, whether saved or unsaved. Not even Satan can violate or step over that assigned authority. Headship which equates to leadership belongs to the man—not the woman. A special blessing rests on families that are led by a man. Heterosexual man, that is. (It's a shame we even have to differentiate nowadays.)

Single parent households ran by women are disastrous to the black community.

These single-parent households are the leading cause of the crime, poverty, high incarceration and school dropout rates. But at the center of it all is one word: rebelliousness. And that rebelliousness finds its biggest expression via sex outside of wedlock—aka FORNICATION.

» While I agree that much of this can be laid at the feet of men as well, I'm an absolute realist: a majority of the black men who deal with black women from the hood are hood dudes themselves. These are basically guys who were raised by single moms too—who rarely ever knew their own fathers—and now they are here repeating the process into the next generation.

These aren't men who've abandoned their families. They simply never were a family in the first place.

The women—who often accuse such men of abandoning—were just sex flings who wanted to get pregnant (why else take that risk of getting pregnant when a woman has over a dozen different ways to prevent pregnancy). And the men accused were just guys from the neighborhood in search of an easy lay.

I’m sorry, but that's not a family. Not in God’s eyes at least. That's called the product of fornication.

And you can't expect a man who's a sinner driven by his unchecked sexual lust to suddenly start acting like a disciplined saint, just because he's had sex with a woman. That's what whoremongers do—frequent whores! After all: a man can't be a whoremonger unless he's among whores. Hence the definition of the word.

I’m using archaic meanings and definitions of these words for a reason. I want them to sting. Sometimes the sting of a needle is what’s needed to put a healing medicine into the body of the sick patient. And right about now the so-called black community is very sick, in much need of a healing cure.

Decent men—the marrying type—aren't hanging out in the hood all day or sponging off some woman and her kids. They're busy earning a living and being productive with their lives.

The only kind of men you see constantly in the hood preying on the women who are there, are guys needing a place to stay; because they're too immature to stand on their own two feet economically at the moment; drug addicts, winos, bums, broke gay or downlow bisexual dudes who are often suspected of being gay—many which also have HIV (this is where a lot of black women catch it from); men with severe mental challenges who get a disability check from the government; and drug dealers.

All other men do their very best to steer clear of the hood. Because they realize the urban black community operates as a decidedly matriarchal society—something that is antithetical to real manhood. And no real man can be comfortable for long in a matriarchal environment. Sooner or later he's going to break camp and exit too—just like the other decent men before him. Unless he fits that category mentioned above.

Bottom line: the hood with all its crime, death, brutality, violence, failure and poverty is the direct result of the judgment of God on all those women who don't want to do things God's way.

The 'hood is an environment for spiritual rebels.

And it won't get any better—not until there is wide scale repentance. You cannot violate God's divine order unrepentantly without expecting lots of negative repercussions.

The only kind of businesses that tend to thrive there are ones that cater to a single unwed mother demographic. Which again includes the church. Why else are churches filled with single unwed mothers every Sunday, with very few single men present?

I posit: it's for the exact same reason why you find mostly women in beauty supply stores, daycare centers and nail shops: because those are places that cater to women in sin by making money through attempting to ease their suffering.

If more churches really want to be effective in the hood, they should focus on preaching strong messages of repentance from sin, the importance of living godly lives and the necessity of exhibiting holiness to the non-Christian community around them.

But here's the rub: many women currently attending our urban churches don't want to hear that! They'll attend your churches, become members, even pay tithes, so long as you don't touch their precious sexual sins! Once you start calling out their sins, they'll start exiting your church, and will most likely end up down the street attending the new church that just came to town.

I'm just being real because not enough of us are willing to be.

» Far too many churches deliberately keep black women single and disadvantaged by refusing to address their real problems and root issues.

The root issue Black women have is sin: particularly sexual sin. And pastors know this. Which is why they'll often launch verbal attacks against men with strong messages of stepping up to the plate; while treating women and their sins with kid gloves.

This is easily understood when looking at it from a business perspective. Men aren't a church's main financial demographic. Women are.

So, it's easy to risk sacrificing a handful of men in order to make the majority of the women present happy.

Male bashing has always proven to be an effective sales tactic when marketing to women. And it's no different, unfortunately, in the church.

As a consequence, Black neighborhoods have become generational red light districts...

A persistent myth very prevalent in America is that black men are shirking their responsibilities in being husbands and fathers and leaving their families behind in pursuit of a being philanders. This is simply not the case.

The reality is that those type of men often labeled as deadbeats and unfaithful, are men who simply met a woman, had sex with her and ended up impregnating her in the process. There never was any planning of spending lives together, or a wedding. So there rarely was a genuine relationship to begin with. It was basically a bunch of booty calls gone wrong!

Let's take it further: the average man only has three main avenues for preventing a pregnancy. Those are abstinence, vasectomy and wearing a condom. Women have well over a dozen different ways to prevent getting pregnant.

So why are we blaming whoremongering men for impregnating women, who for all intents and purposes were basically acting like whores?

Where's the woman's responsibility in not getting pregnant if she has a dozen or more ways to prevent pregnancy, compared to the man's three primary options?

* Open your eyes! I pray that the blinders fall off in Jesus' name! I can only lead you to the water: I can't make you take a drink. You have to build up your own thirst for truth and knowledge to start feeding yourselves.

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I guarantee, when you finish reading NEGROPHOBIA, you will be a free man or woman indeed—and for some of you, you will feel free for the very first time in your entire life. God bless.

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