Sex Portals
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Sex Portals

author | Mack Major

Believers are being initiated directly into the occult through something called sex magic; and most don't even know it. If you've ever engaged in masturbation, fornication, watching porn, adultery, homosexual relations, BDSM, cross-dressing, spouse swapping, orgies, toy parties, had an abortion: you've been engaged in some form of sex magic; and whether you know it or not you've been having open fellowship with actual demonic entities.

Sex is more than just a means of sensual pleasure.

According to the Word of God sex outside of the marriage covenant is also a means of releasing spiritual powers and living entities that are capable of bringing untold problems, pains, mental disorders, sickness/disease and even premature death into one’s life.

Many are suffering right now from the ill effects of having opened Pandora's box. Sex occupies their mind 24/7. They cannot control the urge to masturbate.

Their minds are constantly bombarded with unclean thoughts. Can't stop watching porn. And some can't even enjoy sex with their spouse without the help of some form of visual aid or sex toy. Far too many have become numb in mind and spirit to how God feels about the mortal danger of sexual sin.

For some the symptoms are even more pronounced. Their lives are overrun with constant misfortune. Relationships that start off well crumble. Golden opportunities seem to turn into dirt. Opportunities to advance in life slip right through their hands and they end up going nowhere, remaining stuck in lives of growing unhappiness while living in quiet desperation. Nothing that should go right is ever sustained, and instead things end up going wrong.

If this is your situation, you're not crazy and you're not cursed. You've just opened a sex portal; and now your life is being blockaded by evil spirits that are intent on destroying you in every way. In order to break free and get your life back, you need to know how those portals were opened, and more importantly how to close them forever.

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