The Spirit that Waste at Noonday
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The Spirit that Waste at Noonday

author | Mack Major

Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;
Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday. [Psalm 91:5-6]

Watching the news footage of the shootout in Philadelphia just reminds me of the power and necessity for spiritual warfare.

If you don't understand the spirit of Ogun or the power of the orisha, you won't understand why the hood is so violent and why things never seem to change for the better.

Ogun is one of the chief "gods" in the Voudun religion (from which we get voodoo). One of the trademarks of Ogun is his violent, mercurial temper and nature. In Africa he's known as a storm god—a god of thunder, lightening and of violent storms. Stay with me because I'm going somewhere.

The only way to appease Ogun is through a blood offering/sacrifice. Failure to do so could spell disaster for the supplicant.

Another one of Ogun's trademarks is that he's associated with metal weapons. If you look up depictions of Ogun, you'll see it always has a knife or a sword in its hands.

I've written extensively in some of my ebooks how black people always turn back to voodoo whenever we turn away from Christ. It's almost as if its our default spiritual setting to serve pagan gods and spirits that did nothing for our people but make our lives miserable both in Africa and beyond.

This is the case now.

Black folks, as a collective, are unilaterally turning away from Jesus in order to indulge in every pleasure of the flesh unhindered.

Black people have rejected Christianity and the church, with only a few of us still holding onto the faith once delivered to us by our Christian forefathers. Everyone else has abandoned Christ and gone over into African paganism and obscure spiritual practices that are nothing more than old time voodoo disguised as new spiritualism.

The spirit that presides over the black community today causing our men to be so violent and deranged and stuck on gun violence is Ogun. Our young men have allowed that Ogun spirit to infiltrate, inhabit and to literally possess their minds and their bodies.

Hence why there's so much love for guns (metal weapons) and the violent mercurial tempers (just like a thunder storm).

Until the Church recognizes that we are in a spiritual war, and start defining these enemies of the cross so we can stomp them into extinction, we will continue to spin our wheels and get paltry results. And the violence will continue to increase because black on black violence has become too lucrative for certain politicians to let it go away on its own.

If there is ever going to be a change in our lifetime, we as believers, black and otherwise, will have to face this spirit head on and crush it beneath our feet. It won't happen any other way. We are authorized, equipped and empowered to do it.

There's more I want to say on this topic...but it would take far too much space than this article provides; however, I did write a book on this topic. Suffice it to say, pray for our inner cities. Pray that the Spirit of Jesus Christ with all of its power, authority and wonder will sweep through our inner cities around America and do a mighty work.

Pray that crime will be cleansed and that our sidewalks will be places where children can run and play, instead of running red with the blood of gunshot victims.

And pray for forgiveness: for embracing the whole 'stop snitching' culture, which only aids and abets this demonic spirit. Stop snitching was supposed to be a code of honor among thieves and crooks; it was never meant to apply to civilians.

And even among crooks that code is thrown completely out the window. The wildest dude in your community doing all the shooting and trash talking, who never seems to stay in jail long—that's typically your neighborhood snitch right there! The streets truly are a myth. But that's a different topic for another day.

I had to repent for my own participation in the criminal street culture. I wasn't always the guy writing books that you see today. I was dangerously in the streets...ALL the way in. And wasted many years of my life that I can never get back. God showed me extreme mercy; which is why I'm wild for Him today. As wild as I was running the streets doing dirt: that's how wild I am for Christ today.

Let's take on the enemy together as one unit, instead of running from him. We can fight and we can win...all we have to do is show up ready for the battle.

* If you want to better understand the gang and violence culture that's endemic to the hood, you should download and read my ebook GANGS AND DEMONS: BLOOD IN BLOOD OUT. It goes into much greater depth, even showing the direct connection between many of the most well-known gangs and their direct connection to the Orisha spirits of voodoo religion. These things aren't happening by accident. Satan has a specific plan to destroy our youth through orisha-culture.

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