Spirit Wife: When Men Have Sex with Demons
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Spirit Wife: When Men Have Sex with Demons

author | Mack Major

A spirit wife—also known as a succubus demon—is a type of devil that attaches itself to a man and claims him as its own.

It's not necessarily a female spirit, as spirits don't really have a gender. Gender basically serves a biological function: not a spiritual one. These demons just take on a female gender in order to be more effective at bringing much damage and harm into men's lives. A spirit wife is just a feminine manifestation of the spirit husband phenomenon. Just like there are incubus (male-like) spirits, there are succubus (female-like) spirits.

A spirit wife or succubus spirit will manifest through its male victim in the form of extreme jealousy whenever he's in a relationship with a woman—driving any woman away so that he can never maintain a long term healthy relationship.

This demon will also affect a man's ability to build wealth or accumulate monetary assets.

Any man who has a difficult time holding down a job for long periods of time, having chronic bouts of joblessness, horrendous "bad luck" in business, or never really able to get anything good financially off the ground without great opposition: he's most likely caught in the grip and hold of a spirit wife. And he's in for a great amount of frustration in his life unless he gets totally free.

It will rob him of his children if he has any, by causing him to become estranged from them via the courts, divorce, child support issues, etc. Spirit Wives also thrive in environments where abortions are legal. (If you're a man who has participated in an abortion via funding one, you've opened yourself to having a spirit spouse. And it will wreak much havoc in your life. You're probably feeling its sting and pain right now as you read this.)

A spiritual wife (demon) will also drive a man to watch porn and masturbate.

Any man who: (1) has an addiction to watching porn, visiting porn rooms or viewing booths inside of sex shops; (2) has an irresistible urge to masturbate whether privately or in public places; (3) has a strong hunger for going to strip clubs; or (4) has an attraction towards frequenting Asian sex spas and other forms of prostitutes: THESE MEN ALL SUFFER FROM SPIRITUAL WIVES, AKA SUCCUBUS SEX DEMONS.

Any type of voyeuristic sexual interest or activity that a man is driven to engage in is caused by the attachment of a succubus demon—and homosexuality in men will almost always be accompanied by the presence of one of these foul spirits.

These are extremely destructive spirits and should not be taken lightly. Their sole purpose is to live out their own sexual perversions through others both young and old, entrapping their hosts in a lifestyle of secret shame that has deadly consequences.

demon succubus asian

When a man has a spirit wife attached to him, it will drive him to a life of feeling isolated and ashamed.

Many men have committed suicide and gone off the deep end by listening to the voice of this particular demon. It speaks.

It's the voice that comes to a man and whispers into his thoughts: "Don't you want to touch yourself? Doesn't she (or he) look sexy enough to taste? Wouldn't you like to have sex with that person right now? Imagine how great that would feel!"

Eventually the voice will shift and condemn the person after they've entertained the thought or actually done the deed: "Look at you! You're pathetic! No wonder no one wants you. What woman in her right mind would want someone like you? You're disgusting! You might as well just end it all!"

Basically succubus demons fill one's mind with a constant barrage of sexually deviant thoughts and ideas, regardless of place or location, then condemns the person for thinking those thoughts...

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