Spiritual Power of Sex
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Spiritual Power of Sex

author | Mack Major

Is sex holding you back in life: or propelling your life forward? For instance:

What if the reason why you can't get your money right is because you won't stop fornicating?

I know it's an old word—fornication—but at the end of the day it simply means wasting your seed of productivity as a man on a woman who can't turn that seed into a meaningful harvest.

And for a woman it means to abuse your own womb by allowing men into your sacred space just for cheap thrills and nonproductive pleasure; when you should be studiously protecting and saving your reproductive capacity for that one special guy who can spark the power of reproduction in every area of your life: not just sexually only.

Ladies, you don't just have a womb. You ARE a womb; every bit, every ounce, every corner and fiber of your being. You were uniquely designed and mastered by God to be a reproductive juggernaut; not just in baby-making, but in multiple ways.

This is why businesses thrive and flourish under your touch; churches grow at exponential rates when your active presence is there. Political campaigns take on new life when you come on board.

This is also why satan is after both your womb and YOU as a womb. He knows what you haven't discovered yet: that the womb must first be corrupted and misunderstood in order for sin and chaos to be birthed into the world.

So think about it: what are you reproducing when you allow multiple average men to deposit their averageness into your sexual space?

You always reproduce something when you have sexual encounters. It may not always be a baby involved: but there is definitely a deposit of energy inside of you that will then incubate for a period of time, become a part of you, before finally being birthed through you into your direct existence and experience.

Basically, his energy mingles with your energy, and the outcome becomes your life. How many life paths have been interrupted or derailed because of women not recognizing the power of their own womb?

And to my guys who are reading this: you don't just have the power to create life. You ARE a life-giving force. When you submit your power of life to the intelligence of the image of God that is seeking to be born in you, you become a super productive life-giving source. Not just sexually, but in every way imaginable.

You'll become a creative dynamo who's capable of breathing new life into everything you touch; into every life that you touch.

But the same power that gives life, when it is corrupted it will become a tool of death and destruction. Why do you think the murder rate is so high in our communities, particularly among men? And why same sex relations lead to so much disease and early death?

These are lost souls: men who don't know their superpower. Men who have not been made aware that they have a deeper purpose, which is to manifest a unique image of God that only they can carry and facilitate.

Instead, their self-image is distorted by demonic iconography which prevents the realization of the image of God from ever coming forth in them.

Truth is: a lot of women are messed up because we as men have been messing them up. A superior man would elevate the women he's been depositing his life-giving energy into.

Just being around you, even if sex was not involved, should lift a woman to higher planes of elevation. Your very presence should cause her to fire on all cylinders: spiritually, intellectually, academically, emotionally, humorously, financially and yes: physically too.

So when you complain about the low quality of women out there today, just know that it took a low energy seed to create such a low energy harvest of women. And if you've been making careless deposits into equally careless women, you are just as responsible for this unpopular outcome as anyone else in society today.

If you are having sex recklessly with various women, that alone proves you are of low-quality stock. You're not a breather of life: you are an exhaler of death. And the proof of that is found in the insane amounts of abortion taking place, the skyrocketing out of wedlock birthrates and the general low condition of far too many of our neighborhoods and communities today.

It's time for both men and women to step their game up, and have a laser-like focus on becoming the absolute best version of ourselves possible. It can be done. But it takes dedication to a better life, commitment to ourselves and a pitbull-like tenacity to cling to righteousness and to course correct when we deviate from that path.

* Don't just start the new year off doing the same things the same way. It's really time to make a meaningful change. And it starts here, right now, today.

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I believe in you. Now it's time to believe in yourself. Godspeed.

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