the voice of doubt.
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the voice of doubt.

author | Mack Major

The minute you say "I will" another voice in your head will speak up and say "You can't."

This second voice—the voice of doubt—is your own mental conditioning, developed over years and years of life experiences and other people's opinion.

This voice does not speak accurately. It only reiterates the different thoughts and collective beliefs you've gathered about yourself over the years.

Think of the voice of doubt as a recorded message that automatically plays back whenever you begin to think about doing something worthwhile.

It is neither true nor false. It's just a recorded message, like a voicemail left on your cellphone. Doubt is a friendly reminder of your own beliefs.

But doubt is powerful only if it is listened to and believed.

The difference between those who are successful, and those that aren't is: the successful know how to properly manage and ignore their doubts. While the unsuccessful believe their doubts the moment they get them.

If you want to be successful at anything in life, you have to eliminate and ignore your doubts.

The best and most effective way to get rid of doubt is to give overwhelming evidence against it. When you have a doubt, don't just accept it at face value. Have a conversation with your doubt.

Most, if not all doubts are totally untrue. They only seem to come true when empowered by belief. If you don't give your doubts any belief, they don't come true.

Doubts are like Medusa. In Greek mythology, Medusa was this scaly faced, snake-haired demon who could turn you into stone—but only if you looked at her face. So, the trick to surviving an encounter with Medusa was to simply ignore her. Don't look into her face. Note her presence, but don't focus on her. Your doubts are the same way.

Your doubts have no powers over you unless you pay them attention. And like Medusa—the moment you pay them attention—doubt will paralyze you and turn you into stone. You won't have the power you need to achieve your desires, because your doubt will paralyze you with inaction.

» The greatest ideas the world could ever see have died in the minds of the ones who thought them up. They don't exist; not because no one has been smart enough to come up with them. But primarily because people doubted their idea could ever come to fruition. They literally killed the idea before letting it be born.

A sink has an on lever and an off lever. When the lever is turned on, water flows out of the spicket. When turned off, no water comes out. Doubt is the off button. It closes off the flow of amazing experiences and miracles in your life.

Accept no doubts. Remove all doubt. Remember: You are never what you are; you are always what you can be.

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