The Ties That Bind
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The Ties That Bind

author | Mack Major

A tree's roots determine its fruit! There is something wrong with your family when everyone is going through the exact same mess.

You have families where everybody who gets married ends up divorced. There are families where none of the women in that family can get along with each other...or even get married...or everyone ends up being a single mom...or loses a child during or shortly after birth...

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There are bloodlines where every male is a ho! I've seen it myself: daddy was a ho, grand-daddy was a ho, even the great-great-grandfather had addiction to women other than their own proper wives. And they pass the same cheating dysfunction down to their sons and nephews.

There are bloodlines where cancer, heart disease, imprisonment, alcoholism, diabetes are EXPECTED. It's the norm of that family tree. Why is this so?

Jesus said it like this: You'll know a tree by the fruit it bears. *See Luke 6:43

Think about that for a moment: what does it say about a family tree when the same dysfunctions are passed down from one generation to the next?

It tells me that the tree itself is sick. And until that illness gets addressed properly and healed, that sickness will persist into the next generation.

This even applies to born-again Christians as well. None of us are exempt.

You can be as saved as ever; but unless you address the root cause of those specific family issues, they'll live on to haunt your children's lives after they've done their damage to yours. Even as a Christian.

Check into your family background. Search for the root cause of those persistent problems and issues.

Is there a connection to African or Native American hoodoo, mojo, voodoo or other forms of occultism and witchcraft in your family history? If so, have those covenants, spiritual ties and connections been adequately broken through the power of Jesus Christ's name?

Don't take this question lightly! You'll be surprised at the number of people who had unbroken connections to dark spiritual forces still operating in their family dynamic, causing major issues in their present. Breaking those ties provided the cure.

Has the issue of incest and molestation been properly dealt with? Has anyone in your family sought healing and deliverance from the ill-effects of a trusted adult improperly touching the children in that family?

Have you sworn an oath to a secret organization, or some type of spiritual or secular civic order? Such as the AKAs, Kappas, Omega Psi Phi, Sigmas, Deltas, Zetas, Masons, Eastern Stars, etc.?

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If so, I do hope that you're aware: when you swear an oath, you willingly bind yourself to the power and force behind that oath. You've just submitted your life to someone or something else. *See Matthew 5:33-37, James 5:12

» Secret oaths are an open doorway that welcomes spiritual energies into your life that otherwise wouldn't enter. I'm curious how many of you have personal issues and life problems similar to your frat bros or sorors?

The only lasting cure for negative familial blood-ties or oaths taken that I know of is JESUS CHRIST. His name carries severe weight in the spirit realm. And it gets the job done! Certain things cannot be suppressed and simply ignored. They won't just go away. Instead, they'll lay dormant like a snake in the grass, waiting for the right opportunity to spring and strike. So you have to deal with them!

Let's get those family trees healed and those covenants broken that are tying up your life and the lives of your kids. A familiar spirit is one that is 'familiar' with a specific family tree and bloodline. They linger around and cause problems from one generation to the next.

They gain entry into our lives through certain covenants and oaths spoken by someone in our family, often generations ago. And those familiar spirits linger until someone acknowledges their presence and directly addresses them, breaking their ties to our family tree.

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