Why Do Men Love Ho's?
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Why Do Men Love Ho's?

author | Mack Major

First, men don't technically LOVE ho's. Men love women who know how to tap into a man's pure raw masculinity. Men don't necessarily love easy women. We just tend to avoid difficult women.

I'm going to be honest here: the ho's are making it hard for the good women right now. Ho's are readily accessible, ever ready and willing to do what the good women won't.

But... they're only making it hard for those women who aren't willing to step their game up to a higher level in order to attract a better quality of man.

Women who know how to attract a better circle of men to choose from actually have a much easier time. Because men who chase ho's won't waste time chasing down a more decent woman.

And don't get it twisted: men who choose ho's are really choosing SEX. Some ho's are just wise enough to know how to turn a sex fling into a wedding ring. It's rare, but it does happen.

It's human nature to go the route of least resistance. Even electricity does that. When a person gets electrocuted, it's because the electricity travels the quickest route through a person, usually through their heart, and back into completing the power loop. If there is no power loop, it travels the quickest route into the ground.

And it's no different with men who chase easy women. If the end goal is sex, the typical man is going for the woman he feels can give him sex the fastest. For guys, it's a simple business decision.

But again: that's IF he's a typical man.

Which is why I say while ho's make it hard for good girls on one hand, they actually make it easy for women looking for the non-typical man.

We exist. You just need to step your standards up ladies, so you can start meeting higher quality men.

And for the record: there's a difference between a woman who highly values herself, as she should...vs one who thinks more highly of herself than she should. You have to be realistic with yourself ladies.

If you're sleeping around with different guys, you ain't fooling nobody but yourself if you don't think you're playing the role of a ho.

Why do you think so many men are willing to screw you? It's because men know a ho when we meet one. We typically SCREW ho's, and have RELATIONSHIPS with non-ho's.

One last thing: If you're wearing a ho's uniform, people already perceive you as being a ho yourself. There's no way around it. And if you're not a ho but wearing a ho's uniform, then you're actually WORST than one, because now you're false flagging!

Hey, don't hate the messenger. If you don't wish to be perceived as a ho, then start by not looking or acting the part. Ho chasers gravitate to the object they desire. It's simple.

Let's ALL step our standards up to a higher level. That way we all elevate together.

** Dear Ladies, God has not called any of you to be ho's. That's not what you were made or designed for. God created you to be honorable in all things: first and foremost with your own bodies and how you present yourselves.

Some of you are simply bound by the spirit of this age, and have been thoroughly indoctrinated into modern whore culture. This is why you gravitate so easily to sex with different men. That's the old you. It's time for a new you, along with a new life and way of thinking and living.

My ebook Bound By The Power Of Lust will do more than just help you. It's what you've been missing. This ebook won't be for everyone. Not everyone can relate to its message and content. But if anything in this post made sense to you, and you could feel and relate to it, Bound By The Power of Lust is definitely for you.

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