Wizards in a White Robe
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Wizards in a White Robe

author | Mack Major

The KKK were really Druids. Those were witches and warlocks hiding beneath those hoods and robes—NOT Christians! They simply used an everyday Christian veneer to hide the fact of who they really were.

Why do you think they hid their faces from public view and did everything in secret?

The very word 'occult' means to hide or to conceal something. Proving that the klan was really an occult organization is easy when you take into account some of the titles and positions given to klan leadership:

  • wizard (male witch),
  • cyclops (offspring of fallen angel and human woman),
  • genii (demon of the Arab world),
  • dragon (one of the many titles for Satan),
  • hydras (multi-headed sea monster that rises from the sea in Revelation 13),
  • giants and Titans (offspring of fallen angels),
  • furies (water demons in feminine form),
  • and goblins (a demonic spirit who eats human flesh).

These are just some of the names and titles given to those who belonged to this so-called Christian organization.

The Ku Klux Klan got its name from the Greek word kuklos: which means circle. Klan was added at the end of the name by its founding members; which ironically means circle too. So, the simple meaning of Ku Klux Klan is circle circle; or a circle within a circle. Another way of saying this would be an inner circle contained within an outer circle. Kuklos could also mean a cycle. Since it was started as a secret masonic-like order, the deeper meanings are always concealed from the uninitiated. Therefore, kuklos could mean an endless cycle.

kkk meeting circle ritual
IMAGE: KKK circle ritual.

In the world of the occult and mystery religions, circles are considered sacred and highly magical because a circle represents a serpent biting its own tail. And when dealing with the occult, once you start talking about serpents, you know you're dealing with either Satan or some other demonic entity.

Circles are also used as spiritual portals in occult traditions. This is why a person attempting to conjure demons always begins by drawing a circle on the floor, followed by other symbols. Therefore, the symbol of a circle within a circle is a powerful one.

So the circle within a circle, or the endless ‘cycle’ of the Klan could very well mean an inner circle of men dedicated to bringing about the will and desires of the eternal serpent: Satan. Which seems to coincide more with what they've been doing since their inception.

Another interesting thing about the Klan: they're notorious for burning crosses. When asked why they do this, the explanation goes something like this: "We're lighting the light of Christianity for all to see." When explained this way it makes burning a cross seem like a harmless 'Christian' act of exhibiting one's faith.

» But thousands of black people down through American history would vehemently disagree. I believe them when they say they are lighting something...but not what they tell us it is. Another name Satan is known by is Lucifer. That was his angelic name, or the name he allegedly held in his eternal heavenly state as the covering cherub.

The name Lucifer also means 'The light-bearer.' It's my firm belief that it's Lucifer's light being represented by the burning cross. It's a mocking of Jesus Christ and His death on Calvary, by superimposing the light of Lucifer (represented by fire) over the cross of Christ.

kkk cross burning ritual
IMAGE: KKK members sitting in large circle formation around a burning cross.

The idea for the Ku Klux Klan was sparked one afternoon in 1866, while six white southerners were hanging out at a law office. Southern whites, angered over losing the Civil War, and very wary of having newly freed blacks living among them with guns and rights almost equal to their own, decided to "let off some steam" by engaging in a series of terrorist attacks, destroying much of the black sections of towns and cities across southern states. Which resulted in the deaths of hundreds of black people.

As the smoke from these riots was clearing, J. Calvin Jones, Frank O. McCord, John B. Kennedy, John C. Lester, James R. Crowe and Richard R. Reed came up with a grand ole' idea: "Boys," said John Lester to his friends, "Let us get up a club!"

The others all agreed. They formed two committees, one for the purpose of coming up with a name, the other got busy creating the rules. A week later when they met again, the name kuklos was decided on: eventually morphing into the Ku Klux Klan.

» It's believed the name was borrowed from a well-known Greek fraternity, Kuklos Adelphon, that had started at the University of North Carolina many years prior and had disbanded during the Civil War.

Kuklos Adelphon was the parent organization for the old Kappa Alpha fraternity; from which John Lester also got his ideas for the KKK's initiation rituals. I was curious about this fraternity, because it closely resembles the black Greek fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.

So, I did a little digging. Though I didn't find a direct link, I did find some indirect links; such as the close similarities in the colors and other symbols used in the coat of arms.

Which leads me to wonder if Kappa Alpha Psi―the black fraternity―is part of the larger Kappa Alpha Order: the one started by Southern whites and later used as the foundation for the Ku Klux Klan.

bglo Kappa Alpha Psi1
IMAGE: Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity members.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the KKK’s book of secret rituals was referred to as a Kloran—in honor of the holy book of Islam: The Koran.

kkk kloran quran
IMAGE: His and hers Klorans—where the rituals and duties of Klan members were written and described in detail.

Getting back to my main point: the Klan was never a Christian organization.

The KKK was occult from day one; a throwback to the old religions of England and other parts of northern Europe where Druidism was the religion everyone practiced. Druids were basically pagans and witches organized into different covens.

When Christianity began to spread into northern Europe it obliterated the practices of witchcraft and paganism carried out by the Druids, driving its adherents underground. So, the Druids often fled to the newer colonies of Australia and America, taking refuge among the pilgrims and other newcomers.

IMAGE: Pagan Druids doing a ritual. Notice the similarities in the white hooded robes, red and green sashes and raised hands?

» Why do you think witchcraft was so frowned upon in Massachusetts during that time period? The Salem Witch Trials were not a fluke.

Witchcraft and the practices of the Druids was a very real and present danger for the Christian of that era. It still is today too—it’s just that many Christians are self-consumed with the cares of this life and still cherishing personal sins in their heart to see the danger right in front of their eyes.

I ask you: What Christian would bomb a church with children in it?

news article 1960s blk

Think about it: What Christian would dare burn down a church?

church burning

What Christian would kill a minister? The culprits were Satanists and witches. Ida B. Wells’ research revealed that 1 in every 4 lynching victims in the South, from the 1880s to the 1930s, was a black Christian minister. Did you know that?

Black Christians during the Jim Crow era came face to face with the danger of witches—for that was who were donning those white hoods and robes!

And what Christian would set a cross on fire? As believers we honor the cross, for it was the tool used to defeat all of the spiritual enemies of God—see Colossians 2:15—to burn a cross is really to show a sign of absolute hatred for it; like you wish to destroy it! It's like burning a Bible! No Christian would ever do such a thing!

Satan is unleashing all types of deception against society.

Satan has really taken the gloves off. And as people of God, if you're not taking your walk with Jesus Christ as seriously as it requires, you'll find yourself swept up in the deception too.

There are people who really want you to hate Christianity. These are folks who'll do everything they can to paint Christians in a negative light. They'll tell you things like the KKK were Christians—when they were really witches.

And when you dig through the layers of misinformation and lies, they're usually being spread by witches who disguise themselves as average everyday people; and often disguise themselves Christians too.

So, we have witches and pagans telling Christians what to believe about Christianity! Amazing how many Christians are falling for it too.

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