Archons, Angelic Rulers and the Spiritual Powers of the Heavenly Realms

Archons, Angelic Rulers and the Spiritual Powers of the Heavenly Realms

The Bible tells us that we are engaged in a SUPERNATURAL WRESTLING MATCH with supernatural powerful forces. Then it lists what those forces are:

  • Principalities
  • Powers
  • Rulers
  • Spiritual beings that dwell in 'high places.'

What are those high places? Where are they located? Are they literally in the sky above us, outer space: or is the Bible referring to another dimension higher than our own that these beings operate from?

Just as there are evil principalities, evil powers and rulers and wicked spiritual beings in those higher realms: there are also good ones that are working to help and assist the people of God here on Earth.

And if we're engaged in a massive spiritual wrestling match; shouldn't we know what it is we are wrestling against?

This powerful brand new ebook will OPEN YOUR UNDERSTANDING ABOUT THE SPIRITUAL REALM AND INTER-DIMENSIONAL BEINGS that exist in that realm—from a practical and biblical perspective. We don't have to walk around blind to these things; not when the Bible has made them crystal clear for us. And we don't have to dabble in occult practices or seek knowledge from occult sources either.

Our own God has provided us with a clear understanding about the powers at work behind the scenes: in the places that exist in between your eye blinks, in the dimension that exists right outside of the one where our eyes and ears fail to take us. Jesus came to be our Master Teacher. His disciples carried on that tradition, who along with the Prophets of old have left us a clear detailed understanding about those mysterious powers from another realm. Now you can have this information too.


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