BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR JESUS: The Church That Christ Envisions

Published by: Mack Major (2017)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9964219-8-0

BRAND AMBASSADOR FOR JESUS: The Church That Christ Envisions

For many years the Church has focused almost exclusively on getting people saved and filled with the Holy Spirit.

We've promoted things like speaking in tongues, dreams, visions, and the gift of prophecy; all of which are good. But are they the totality of our Christian experience here on Earth?

Now that we have these rivers of living water flowing in us—this unlimited spiritual power—what are we supposed to do with it?

Many believers today are saved, they're living right. But they're bored out of their Christian minds! They have all this pent-up power in them, bursting at the seams with it: but don't know what comes next.

Brand Ambassadors for Jesus fills that void. This ebook shows you that next step.

You weren't saved and filled with God's power just to sit around and do nothing with it. You've been empowered for action! And this ebook shows you how to harness that energy and put it to use.

Not everyone who gets saved is supposed to start a church or a ministry. Not everyone is called to preach on a stage with a microphone in front of an audience.

I'll even venture to say that some pastors were never supposed to become pastors at all! God intended for some of them to become engineers, architects, doctors, researchers, lobbyists, politicians, entrepreneurs, attorneys, judges, mechanic shop owners, electricians, etc.

But lacking a proper context for how to serve God using their Spirit-empowered talents and abilities, many well-intentioned men and women simply settled for seminary classes and a church pulpit.

But Christ doesn't just want us working anywhere and doing just anything; He wants us working in the right part of His vineyard: the part for which we are properly and uniquely suited, and where we can have the greatest positive effect.

Brand Ambassador for Jesus is about the next step in Christian living: service. It's about moving from our church services into Kingdom services.

God didn't save you just to go on heavenly vacations in the clouds some day. Introducing the world to God's Kingdom is the goal. Now it's time for you to get suited, booted and get to work!

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