BRAND Ambassadors For Jesus: Apostolic power for world domination

Published by: Mack Major (2017)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9964219-8-0

BRAND Ambassadors For Jesus: Apostolic power for world domination

America is at a crossroads. We stand at an historical moment in time that will decide the fate of our nation for the next generation to come.

The choices we make today will decide whether or not we even have a nation a generation from now.

Something must be done to counter the onslaught of demonic influence that has gripped the nation in its iron-like talons, refusing and even challenging the very light of Jesus Christ from shining through.

The Church now has a massive opportunity!

As carriers of the Light and image of Jesus Christ, we can choose to stand tall in this hour and push back that darkness—or we can sit passively by and allow this nation to be forever lost in the enemy's grip.

BRAND Ambassadors for Jesus is a call to return to the authentic faith, dedication, commitment and the apostolic power of the early Church.

It's time to snap out of this fake, passive, tree-hugging Christianity; and embrace the faith of our forefathers and foremothers—who laid before God until miracles broke out!

Jesus promised that His church will prevail against the gates of hell. It's time for the revolution to begin—and it starts with YOU! Download the ebook below.

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