Bound By The Power of Lust

Bound By The Power of Lust

ISBN: (Mack Major)

Satan's number one tool and weapon to destroy people in this hour―especially Christians―is SEX.

Sex itself is not evil, nor is it a sin. Sex was actually created by God.

But Satan has twisted sex until it has lost its original intended purpose and meaning. Now we have hook-up culture, sneaky links, and a host of other terms used to describe acts of fornication: which God in His Word has clearly condemned as wrong and as evil.

God never meant for humans to go around sexually sampling each other until we found the right fit. That only creates a lifetime of bondage: and alerts the attention of evil spirits and demons to come take up residence in our lives, our homes, and our communities.

God wants to rectify this problem by reclaiming His gift that was given to mankind to further God's plans in the Earth. And it starts by God reclaiming YOU.

How much longer will you continue to play around with Satan and his toys of fornication, adultery, masturbation, porn―things all designed by Satan to destroy you?

How long will you keep running away from Christ and avoiding making the inevitable decision to follow Him with your whole heart, mind, and body? Christ came to redeem us from the Devil's plan to destroy us. He came to ruin Satan's plot―and has been masterfully doing so for more than 2000 years now.

Jesus Christ is ready for you, right now―today. He wants you back where you belong: with the Father and Him, where you can be whole, mentally sound and protected from unnecessary hurt and pain.

No more messing around!

* This latest ebook by Mack Major is about God reclaiming you as His own from fornication and sexual lust. Learn specific techniques to break free from porn addiction, masturbation, and other addictive sexual behaviors.

Let this book inspire and show you to make the right choices―and empower you to stand firm as you fully commit your body and life to Him. He stands ready to loosen the bounds of the enemy by empowering you to live right. All that's needed is your permission and cooperation to do so.

This book will help you tremendously.

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