99% of Christians don't know this information! What you learn in this ebook will make you smarter than the vast majority of Christians out here today, putting you in a league of your own.

This is hands down the most important message of the hour for the Church!

We are living at a time when respect for Christianity is at an all-time low. In places where Christianity once thrived, it is now being overtaken and replaced by laws promoted by witches and Christ-haters that make it impossible or even forbidden to effectively evangelize for Jesus Christ.

So what happened? How did Christians who were once a majority become so weak to where a small minority group representing an assortment of unbiblical practices and worldviews now have believers cowering in a corner?

What's happening is nothing new. It happened to the early church long ago, when sin crept in unawares through false prophets, fake apostles and sin-laden prophetesses who began to infiltrate Christianity with damnable doctrines and teachings that caused believers to turn away from Christ and to commune with demonic spirits.

That time is upon us once again. The demonic spirits of old are back again, this time stronger than ever before. Millions are being swept away into the eternal darkness: including many believers.

Jesus said not everyone who calls Him Lord would make it: but only those who lived how He told them to.

In this ebook: we share the narrative for how these spirits came into the picture; what their identities are; what to look out for in false teachers and preachers; and how to dispossess them of their power against you.

It's time like never before for the true believers to stand tall, be knowledgeable and to be bold in their representation of Jesus Christ. You have to overcome these demons and their false preachers; or else they will overcome you.

Endurance is the name of the game. And only those who endure to the end will be saved. Will it be you?

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