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DIVA GODDESS QUEEN II: Casting down demonic powers that war against your soul

Mack Major (2017)
ISBN: 978-0-9964219-9-7

DIVA GODDESS QUEEN II: Casting down demonic powers that war against your soul

Principalities and Powers are REAL. There's an invisible realm that exists alongside our own, filled with beings that are as real, tangible and intelligent as we are. These beings have a controlling influence over our politics, economics, media, laws, justice, religion, entertainment—just about every facet of our lives here on Earth. Sadly, they even have a powerful influence over many churches too.

The History Channel in their own misinformed way tried to expose these beings and their dimension through their TV series Ancient Aliens. History Channel calls them ancient aliens. The Bible calls them Principalities and Powers—which denote their roles as rulers and chief influencers over mankind. One thing is certain: these beings are powerful and very real.

Paul in the book of Ephesians described them as 'spiritual wickedness in high places.' [Ephesians 6:12]

Jesus said they have organized themselves into an evil kingdom. [Mark 12:22-28] 

These are the highly organized wicked spiritual forces that we as believers find ourselves grappling with. Our struggle is not against humans: it's against these unseen forces that control the way humans think, live and act, and who believe they are our rightful gods and rulers.

It's time to wake up, kick down walls and pull down some strongholds! Our duty is to liberate people from spiritual darkness and tyranny; and place those hidden wicked forces under submission to the will of Jesus Christ—download your copy now!

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