Jesus the Millionaire: Breaking the curse of poverty, lack and not having enough

Published by: Mack Major (2014)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9964219-5-9

Jesus the Millionaire: Breaking the curse of poverty, lack and not having enough

"A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children, but the sinner’s wealth is laid up for the righteous."
— Proverbs 13:22


  • More than half of the world's millionaires—57%—are Christians.

  • Out of the 15 million millionaires in the world today, 8.5 million wealthy people identify as being Christians!

  • 7 out of 10 of the richest nations on Earth are Christian dominated!

  • 78% of all jobs in America are provided by small businesses that employ less than 15 employees. And of that 78%, one third of those are Christian-owned businesses.

Christians are the wealthiest population group in America and the world! We're talking right now, right here, TODAY—not in some future dispensation of Bible prophecy. And chances are, if you have a job right now you probably work for a Christian!

Many of you are leaving your fair share of wealth on the table because you have a flawed misunderstanding about God wealth and money. Someone handed you a bad interpretation of a Bible verse dealing with money, and poisoned your mind against prosperity.

And some of you are also outright lazy.

If you've been waiting on some future dispensation for the wealth transfer between the wicked and the just to take place, you're wasting precious time. That wealth transfer has already been underway because it's always been in effect! The statistics provided at the start of this article proves that.

You're just late to the party!

Now it's your turn to get yours. But first you need to get rid of some baggage in your mind concerning prosperity, and purge yourself from any hangups you might have about hard work and succeeding at business.

It's time to let the chains fall off of your mind. God wants to set you free from demonic mental bondage concerning money and wealth so He can turn you loose to prosper in THIS world. After all: what good is there in having money in Heaven when you die???

You need that money now to not only pay your bills, but to leave money for your great grand children, as well as set up businesses that can provide jobs and prosperity for others too.

Our ebook JESUS THE MILLIONAIRE: Breaking The Curse Of Poverty, Lack And Not Having Enough is a powerful spiritual chain-breaking tool—like a Holy Ghost empowered pair of bolt cutters—that will break the mental chains from your mind that are preventing you from prospering.

Download it right now below, and spend the next few days pouring over the powerful info in this ebook so you can start prospering in every way that God desires for you! Break the chains now!

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