Published by: Mack Major (2016)

ISBN-13: 978-0-9964219-7-3


Every time you lay down to have sex with a female, you're not laying down with just a body. You're also laying down with a SPIRIT. And spirits are contagious!

You can also catch a different type of STD: a SPIRITUALLY Transmitted Disease. Those are the absolute WORST kind.

It's those spiritually transmitted diseases—those spiritual viruses—that are stopping up the flow of your money, your prosperity, your spiritual growth and your life.

You need medicine for your many sins; and that remedy can be found right here within the pages of this brand new ebook.

It's time for you to push through the impediments of sin, fatherlessness, sexual weaknesses, laziness, excuse-making, and being raised in a matriarchal society—all of which are designed to steal men's joy, sap their potential and siphon from their productivity.

What you need is power! And I don't mean any ordinary type of power that you can get on your own. What you need is supernatural power—the kind that can only be supplied by God Himself.

For many of you, it's the only thing that will enable you to take back your life from those soul-draining forces and spiritual leeches that have apprehended your future and captured your potential.

"POWER"—my brand new ebook—will enable you to get your life back—ASAP—without delay. If you listen to the advice given throughout this ebook, you will become a spiritual dynamo capable of exploits you never thought imaginable. You will finally get on top of life in a way you never have before; and for the first time in your life step into a level of greatness reserved strictly for kings.

Download your copy of this powerful ebook right now by clicking the button below—and prepare to step into your own throne!

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