VOODOO: Deliverance From Spiritual Powers Destroying Black America

VOODOO: Deliverance From Spiritual Powers Destroying Black America

ISBN: 978-1-7323547-1-5 (Mack Major); exclusive pre-order; limited release

There's an all out attack against Christianity in the black community today. Black pastors and churches are under powerful siege by those who want nothing more than to see the power and influence of Christianity destroyed.

Black Christians are being lured like never before into embracing voodoo as a viable alternative to Christianity through social media, entertainment, music and movies.

We are told that voodoo is our true religion; and that Christianity is a belief system that is mentally enslaving black people, holding us back from making any progress in a system that was designed to ultimately oppress us. But is this true?

Wherever voodoo is embraced, death and grinding poverty seem to follow.

Take a look at Haiti, a nation which fully embraced voodoo as part of its culture since the days of the Haitian Revolution. Yet it's the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere with some of the highest crime and the worst living conditions. Many urban neighborhoods in the US where voodoo is widely accepted and practiced are among the poorest in America with some of the highest rates of crime and death.

So why are so many black Americans including Christians rejecting Jesus and the prosperity that the gospel brings to embrace the worship of devils and demons?

Introducing our latest ebook—VOODOO: Deliverance From Spiritual Powers Destroying Black America.

"Voodoo" will show you how this old but dangerous religion is making a powerful comeback by infiltrating modern urban culture; and what you must do to guard your heart, your mind, your church and your children against it.

The battle lines are being drawn, and Jesus Christ is readying His Church for the final showdown and confrontation with these destructive forces of darkness. It's going to take supernatural weapons wielded by a holy people to overthrow this onslaught of the enemy. Whoever wins this battle literally wins the soul and destiny of black America.

But are YOU up to the challenge?

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