Sex Fast

21-day eCourse | (STARTS Monday, June 10, 2019) | HOSTED BY MACK MAJOR

Are you ready to finally make some changes that will erase all the years of disappointment, betrayal and failure that's crippled your life?

I want you to join me in something very special and unique.

I know many of you are struggling daily with fleshly temptations. I can relate because for many years I struggled too.

To be honest, it really wasn't much of a struggle for me; I simply did whatever my desire led me to do.

But after making a serious re-commitment to walk honestly and with integrity with Jesus Christ, I had to learn how to put my flesh in check. It wasn't easy, but I learned what it takes to stand strong and not lose the battle.

When we get saved, our spirit becomes born-again. But we still have the same mental program running in the background that drove our decisions when we were alienated from God. And we still possess the same bodies with all of its fleshly needs, compulsions and desires.

What's needed is a mental 'biblical' upgrade. With the right help and direction, you too can learn how to reprogram your mind to assist, not hinder you, in your new life with Jesus Christ. This 21 day sex fast will help you to do just that.

Sign up right noweCourse starts Monday, JUNE 10, 2019—exclusive (early-bird special) 50% off the regular enrollment fee. You can also save the info you’ll receive and revisit it again and again.

This e-course is regularly $209, but if you sign up today, you get to register for only half the price of $104.

BONUS! When you register early you'll also receive a free copy of my ebook 'PORN: When Pleasure Becomes Possession.' We'll be utilizing this ebook during the 21 days.

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