Identifying The Enemy In Your Bloodline

Identifying The Enemy In Your Bloodline

3-day eCourse | (STARTS Friday, June 18, 2021) | HOSTED BY MACK MAJOR

There are mysteries attached to and associated with our bloodlines.

Certain things seem to transcend time and place and pop up in each successive generation, no matter the distance, age, person or space. These things often end up determining our successes and failures in certain key areas of our lives.

  • Why do some families carry on the same problems and dysfunctions from one generation to the next?
  • Why do all the women in your family eventually end up single and alone?
  • Why are all the men in your family rolling stones, with multiple children born out of wedlock and incapable of being faithful to their own respective spouses?
  • Why do all the men in your family go to jail?
  • Why is everyone in your family constantly broke and always going through financial struggles?
  • Why does cancer, heart disease, sugar diabetes, mental illness or high blood pressure run rampant in your family dynamic?
  • Why do some families seem to have generational "bad luck" - where right when things should be going well, fate seems to snatch failure from the jaws of success, setting them back time and time again?

Are you predetermined for failure? And if so, who or what predetermined you? Better still: how do you break the cycle of pain, illness and dysfunction?

No family on earth was born to be cursed, or to suffer chronic lack or failure. But the Bible warns us that our enemy the devil roams about like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour.

He's been devouring the success, the progress and the purpose of you and your family for long enough. There is an answer! And it's found right there in the Word of God. Now you're about to break the devil's hold on your family and set your bloodline free.

Introducing my most life-changing eClass: Identifying The Enemy In Your Bloodline

This powerful insightful eClass will finally help you identify the things that have been holding you back and causing you to experience chronic frustration and failure.

Sign up right now for an exclusive discount on "Identifying The Enemy In Your Bloodline"—this class begins sharply Friday, June 18th and I'm restricting participation to just 20 highly motivated and success-driven individuals. I don't have time to waste on those who aren't serious about making major changes.

God wants to liberate you from your family dysfunction, and through you bring healing that will set your family totally free from whatever's binding it. But first you need to identify the enemy hidden in your bloodline; only then can you vanquish this satanic foe and experience true and lasting peace.

** The cost for this exhaustive 3-day eCourse will be $99.99. But if you sign up right now, today you'll only pay $39. This is a special offer that's available for a short period of time. I want to fill this class quickly so reserve your spot now by going to the link provided.

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