Breaking Cycles of Abusive Relationships

Breaking Cycles of Abusive Relationships

Hosted by Mack Major; this Saturday, August 25; (early bird signup ending soon)

Does it seem like you keep meeting the same person over and over again with a different name and a different face, but with the same abusive and dysfunctional attributes as other people you’ve been in relationships with in the past?

Does it seem like it doesn't matter who you are with, the relationship inevitably goes down hill—eventually crashing and burning—ending the same way as all the others?

Do you find yourself saying things like "I can do bad all by myself"—but really wishing you didn't have to?

My dear friend, this is because you are stuck and caught up in a pattern of abusive relationships. And as long as you remain unhealed from whatever caused you to be this way, you are going to continue to attract abusive relationships into your life. It'll become a never ending cycle of meeting someone new, having a whirlwind romance, then losing it all just as suddenly as it began.

** Join me for a one day special session called "Breaking Cycles of Abusive Relationships." 

This will be a correspondence course by email, where you'll learn how to identify the patterns that have you stuck in failing relationships. You'll also learn how to identify the root of what caused this dysfunction. And by the end you'll know what you must do to heal from the source of the pain and break the cycle that keeps you stuck in those revolving patterns of broken relationships.

The cost of this intensive one day session is $49. But if you register right now for our Early Bird special, you'll only have to pay $19.99. That's more than 60% off. Use the link below to sign up and save today.

There are 2 ways to register: (type $19.99, and be sure to list your email along with registration).

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