Programmed For Whoredom: 21 Days to Freedom From Sexual Sin

Hosted by Mack Major; starts TONIGHT, Thursday, Sept. 13

We've been programmed from birth to be whores and whoremongers. It's true.

This is why we now need 'no slut-shaming' campaigns designed to hide that fact. Truth is, we get our sexual habits from the TV shows and the movies we enjoy most, and through the songs we like listening to.

We also learn our negative sexual habits from watching our parents indulge in sexual sin. This is how we ended up programmed to do things that are offensive to God, that has a ripple effect of cutting off our blessings and creating a whole host of other problems that we often spend a lifetime contending with.

People tend to think that living a sexually promiscuous lifestyle doesn't matter to God. But the reality is that if you think that way you are only fooling yourself.

The Bible says that fornication in the eyes of God is a sin. The Bible also equates fornication with the sin of whoredom. Whoredom is described as sleeping around with people that you have no real commitment to. It means to engage in sex just for the fun of it without any regard for the repercussions, with anyone at anytime or with anything. (Notice the popularity of sex toys and sex dolls these days?)

But how do you stop fornicating when you enjoy it so much?

Far too many women have been programmed to use sex to try to catch a guy. And it seems pleasurable at first. But it never seems to work because after multiple attempts with several different guys, they still don't have one guy to be in a meaningful lasting relationship with.

This is because catching a guy using sex is a trap designed to spoil your chances with a real relationship and waste your time, your youth and your beauty. While you're busy sleeping with the losers, the guy you should be meeting is passing you by. Happens all the time.

It's just as bad with men. Guys attempt to use the type of cheap sex they see in porn movies to blow a woman's mind in a vain attempt to get her to forget about all the other men she's slept with before him. And in spite of all the acrobatics and tricks he tries, he still ends up jumping from one woman to the next, expending and wasting his most productive years chasing an elusive capture that he can never obtain. The energy he should be using to build wealth and a meaningful career with, instead gets blown on the endless pursuit of fleeting sexual pleasure.

This is because genuine happiness and joy is found in a meaningful relationship built on a healthy trust and a heartfelt connection: not from beating a woman's uterus in with cheap sexual tricks and fleeting shallow intimacy.

If you're sick of the endless cycle of frustration and deferred hope that always ends in relationship failure, and you're ready for a genuine healthy relationship that transcends the shallowness of today's culture—something that lasts the test of time—I have the solution for you. I offer you the 21 Day Sex Fast. This is an email based web course hosted by yours truly that will break your negative programming and empower you to walk on a path that is sexually pure, whole and healthy.

The truth of the matter is: if you're living the lifestyle of a whore or a whoremonger, you don't truly love yourself. That's actually self-abuse. And its time that you stop abusing your body and soul, and learn to tap into the healing energy of God's love. God wants to heal you and make you totally and completely whole: but He won't do it unless you genuinely want Him to.

By finishing this eCourse, you will finally be able to divest yourself of all that negative sexual energy (including those unclean spirits you picked up along the way). You'll have a more restored sanity and renewed peace of mind. And you can finally get a worthwhile relationship that you desire.

Gaining back control of your sexual energy will also increase your work and business productivity. You'll gain a sharper focus for your work and school studies. And you'll find yourself accelerating in just about every area of your life.

Each day over the next 21 days you will receive an email from me with exercises and an action list of things to do that will help break your negative sexual programming, and to positively reinforce God's word into your thoughts until it becomes reflected in your actions.

Sign up right now—the eCourse starts immediately—and you'll get a complimentary copy of my ebook Porn: When Pleasure Becomes Possession. We will be using this ebook a lot throughout this eCourse. I hope to see you there. Just go to the link provided below to participate. God bless.

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