Unplugging From Satan's Matrix

Unplugging From Satan's Matrix

Hosted by Mack Major; starts TOMORROW, Sunday, Sept. 15

What is it about social media that makes it so addictive? Why is the first thing we reach for in the morning and the last thing we put down at night before going to sleep is our cellphones? Why do we suffer anxiety when we accidentally leave our phones at home—and why can't we stay off of social media?!

Something's amiss! There is much more to social media and that cell phone you're holding in your hand right now than meets the eye.

Much of our modern technology is being channeled to us from a dark spiritual source, one that has goals of worldwide domination. This spiritual dark force seeks to enslave humanity, turning hearts away from God and leading people by the billions into everlasting chains of darkness.

In my brand new never before released eCourse titled "Unplugging From Satan's Matrix" we're going to go deep and get to the root of what's behind our modern technology and the mass popularity of social media.

God does not want His children to be ignorant of Satan's DEVICES. So get ready to have your mind blown wide open:

  • Learn what's really behind social media.
  • Discover the plot to control your mind and turn you into a worshiper of the antichrist through social media.
  • Find out what the Bible has to say about the Internet and today's cellphone technology.
  • Learn about mass psychological programming and how it's happening everyday through television and your cell phone.
  • Learn how to unplug from the matrix, how to protect yourself from it, and the safest use of today's technology for believers.

** This is a one day eCourse that'll be emailed to you; and also comes with an extra bonus day worth of material. The date is set for this Sunday, September 15, and the price is $49. However, if you sign up right now, you'll only pay $24.99. You can't beat that!

Do not miss out on this eClass. We are entering a time of deep spiritual deception where powerful forces are dead set on hindering the work of Christ and destroying the lives of believers.

The masses are already deceived—but you don't have to be. God wants you armed and prepared. And this eClass will do just that for you.

There are 2 ways to register: (type $24.99, and be sure to list your email along with registration).

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