3 ebooks for the price of 1

3 ebooks for the price of 1

For a limited time, get ANY 3 ebooks for the price of 1—choose from the ebooks shown in the image above.

That's right! YOU pick the three. This won't last long; and the clock is already ticking. Just click below right now and claim your copies before it's over.

Choose from the list below: (please list ebook numbers during purchase)

1. Dark Frequency

2. Spiritually INK'D


4. Diva Goddess Queen

5. Hedonism

6. P-RN

7. Defeating Antichrist

8. Goddess Hair

9. SAVED [Sexy] & Still Single

10. Diva Goddess Queen II

11. God's Bright Idea

12. WET

13. Gangs & Demons

14. Sex Magic

15. Seduced by the Serpent

16. Jesus the Millionaire


18. Brand Ambassador For Jesus


20. Negrophobia

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$20 (save over 50% off) | PDF format only
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