The Enemy In Your Bloodline

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You ever hear a voice in your head telling you that you'll never be or do anything important in life—and that you shouldn't even try because you'll only fail anyway?

This 'voice' reminds you that no one in your family or from your town or neighborhood ever accomplishes anything worthwhile, like graduating from college, being successful in business, getting and staying happily married—or escaping the traps of poverty, alcohol, drugs, prison and an early grave.

It constantly reminds you of your humanity: your mistakes, failures and fears. It'll even have you believing that God doesn't like you.

That 'voice' dear reader, is the enemy in your bloodline! It's not a memory that's haunting you. And it's not the voice of reality.

There is a very real very purposeful spirit that's behind that voice. And if you listen to it long enough it will kill your destiny and obliterate your sense of self-worth. It's been following your family line for generations; and it will not stop until it has completely discouraged you and robbed you and those in your family of their fullest potential.

God has angels that stand ready to deliver a death blow to the discouraging spirit that's inside your head. When you align your thoughts with God' Word, the angels get busy rooting out the tares of Satan that have been sown throughout your life and mind.

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This eCourse will help you identify:

  • Why do some families carry on the same problems and dysfunctions from one generation to the next?

  • Why do all the women in your family eventually end up single and alone?

  • Why are all the men in your family rolling stones, with multiple children born out of wedlock and incapable of being faithful to their own respective spouses?

  • Why does incest and molestation run amuck in your family?

  • Why do all the men in your family go to jail?

  • Why is everyone in your family constantly broke and always going through financial struggles?

  • Why does cancer, heart disease, sugar diabetes, alcoholism, drug addiction, mental illness or high blood pressure run rampant in your family dynamic?

  • Why do some families seem to have generational "bad luck" - where right when things should be going well, fate seems to snatch failure from the jaws of success, setting them back time and time again?

My Enemy In Your Bloodline course will help you get aligned with God's vantage point quickly, so you can start experiencing those God-given dreams and become the success that you were created to be.

You may be the hinge that the destiny of your family swings on: and it'll either swing open to be all that God wants your family to be; or it'll remain firmly shut in the enemy's grip. The decision you make today can change everything!

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God wants to liberate your bloodline and set you and your family totally free from whatever's binding it. But first you need to identify the enemy in your bloodline; only then can you vanquish this satanic foe and experience true and lasting peace.

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