Pastors, Ministers and Church Workers Special (18 ebook collection)

Pastors, Ministers and Church Workers Special (18 ebook collection)

There's a reason why it’s been so difficult for your church to grow; or why you can't seem to raise that money needed to expand your church or ministry.

The enemy has targeted your ministry for destruction! And right now, sitting in your church, on your board and possibly sharing your pulpit are satanic agents on assignment to destroy your reach and influence.

Find out who these agents are by reading our collection of ebooks. They will show you why your church is having trouble growing, who or what is stunting your growth, and how to break through to greater levels of power and service that will revolutionize your personal life and the ministry that's been entrusted to you.

The call to ministry is a call to war! It's time to war against the enemy that Satan has hidden in your midst.

** We offer a special package—18 ebooks in total featured above—that's only available to those actively involved in ministry. We want to see you win; that you might stand before our Lord Jesus Christ and hear those most welcomed words:

"Well done thou good and faithful servant! You've been faithful over a few things: I will make you ruler over many!" God bless.

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