You'll Never Outsmart Delilah If You're Sleeping With Her
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You'll Never Outsmart Delilah If You're Sleeping With Her

author | Mack Major

Most young men lose out in life because of one simple thing: they can't control their lust.

Failure to control one's lust—especially when young—virtually guarantees a lifetime filled with economic deprivation and struggle. The child support system thrives on men who cannot control their lust.

Men need to know: if you cannot exercise penis control, women will always conquer and control you via your penis. Basically: if you don't control your raging lust, it will always be the one factor hindering you from getting your money right and establishing yourself in the world from a position of strength and power.

What makes matters worse are all the women surrounding you on every hand dressed in the most provocative way possible, making it virtually impossible to control your desires.

Solomon was a biblical king who loved God. He was the richest man alive at the time, and surrounded himself with glory and splendor. He also surrounded himself with any and every beautiful woman who was available. Solomon had a bevy of beauties to satiate his lust with—and in spite of having hundreds, even that was never enough. Eventually his many wives managed to turn his heart away from God—and the mighty, rich and powerful King Solomon ended up becoming putty in the hands of the women he loved.

What a sad end to a great man. But that's what happens when you fail to gain control of your whoopie-stick - it ends up making you a slave to the very thing you desire most.

God didn't make men to be slaves—He made us to be KINGS!

Claim your authority to reign in life as a king today. The sooner you start taking charge of your sex drive, the sooner you'll be respected by the world around you—and the sooner you'll start wearing that crown that God wants to place on your head.

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