I came across Hedonism when one of the sins described in the book was beginning to take root in me. After 2-3 weeks of struggle with the sin, I was inspired to go through a 21 days of fasting. It was shortly after the fasting that I came across this book, and I am so thankful to God that the sin no longer plagues me. Thanks for the great truths revealed in this book, and thanks to God for giving me victory. I hope to read more of your books.
Posted By: Ruth
Hedonism- I just wanted to first thank God because it was He who gave you this book to write and it was He who had me to come across it. I will not go into detail but I have struggled since childhood with one of the struggles mentioned in this book. I am beyond grateful to say I have been forever delivered from that struggle and I claim that deliverence in Jesus name. This book is radical but that's what I needed...Hardcore unadulterated truth. Thank you.
Posted By: D. Evans
This book has opened my eyes to do many things that are current in me and the society I live in.
I am from South Africa, Durban.
I have been a slave to porn and all that goes with it.
I opened up to my wife when I came across a snippet of a passage of this book on facebook and it hit me hard.
I saw the many destructive things that were occurring in my life that this book spoke of.
I have prayed against it and my wife as well and we are keeping the faith in God and I have not indulged in these acts from the time it actually hit home in me reading this book.
I believe God has broken these curses and demonic forces that were presiding over my life and He has taken place in my life.
I have been jobless . In financial probs for many years. Attaining and loosing jobs.
I believe God will restore what these spirits have robbed me of.
To God be the Glory great things he has done .
Other topics in Hedonism I have read in this book was also opening my mind as I grew up in the church but was lost.
Posted By: Lee
I purchased DIVA GODDESS QUEEN today and finished it today!!!!! Not only could I not put it down, but I found myself in prayer several times. It's a must read, and it has served as life changer for me. I'm just never going to be the same and praise God for that because once again He heard my cry and came to me through this book. This book was well written with historical facts and scripture to support the points of view which were clear and concise. I want God in my life, and this book makes it very clear who God wants in His kingdom. Amazing what you will find when being led by the spirit...I had no prior knowledge of the author before today...I was simply researching spirit husbands and came across this website....All Glory to God for my heart being changed.
Posted By: Meagan R.
HEDONISM is the most radical book I have ever read! This book calls for true conversion. Not lukewarm, but radical conversion by following Jesus. Mack's view on sexual addictions as demonic strongholds was really enlightening for me. His chapter on the 10 virgins of the Gospel really hit me, made me nervous, but it also opened my eyes - and heart - to what I did until today, where I stand and what I must do. Repent, be prepared, stay clean, follow and trust Jesus Christ!
Posted By: Harry P.
What a great addition to arsenal! Everyone of Mack's books have blessed my spirit. I must say though that Hedonism has been my favorite. Mack released this book at the perfect time for me. I had been going through some very tumultuous storms in my life and I couldn't understand why. I knew about spiritual warfare because I've been raised in the church all my life. This book however opened my eyes to the tricks, plots, and schemes of the enemy on a whole new level. With the information in this book and sword (The Bible), praise God I have been able to overcome the wicked works of darkness! Thank you Mack and continue to allow God to use you! In this day and time we need it now more than ever before!
Posted By: Enid D.
I have just finished reading SEDUCED BY THE SERPENT. Definitely eye-opening and informative to the truth about yoga. Unfortunately the body of Christ has tried to change this evil into a form of godliness or health practice - NOT HAPPENING! I will be telling some believers I know that this form of 'exercise', 'reliever of stress and aches' will lead you into bondage and bring several 'strong men' to make sure you stay there. Thank you Mack Major for again telling the raw, unfiltered truth.
Posted By: Daria
Hedonism is one of the best books I've ever read. I now know what I'm going through and how to handle it.
Posted By: Daijon M.
I am currently reading JESUS THE MILLIONAIRE and what an impressive book I am finding it. The truths it contains are such an eye opener for me as I am working on my Finances and getting them in order. I find myself quoting from the many wonderful truths such as 'money comes in sufficient amounts only to those who master it' and 'your greatest work-hence your greatest reward will come as a result of serving others.' Thank you for this great tool.
Posted By: Pontsho
Life changing. These books changed my life completely. I am not the woman I was prior to reading them. I have changed from a woman to a woman of God, and I will NOT turn back! Mack Major tells you the TRUTH! If you're skeptical, you can look everything up! These are life changing books and you will not be disappointed! Trust me!
Posted By: Ashley C.
I came across Mack on facebook. His take on spiritual issues and the dangers in modern culture were eye opening....the world and the enemy are at work...I enjoy learning the history behind today's popular artists and symbols...Jesus is my messiah....I hope you enjoy Mack's books and remember, Jesus is coming back....look forward to your new book, Mack...keep writing and may God guide your way and bless you.
Posted By: Brandon C.
I purchased "Hedonism" and "Diva Goddess Queen" as birthday presents to myself. For years, I had questions that were always dismissed by past leaders. Because of these books, I better understand the tactics of the enemy and most of all, I now understand the power of prayer, fasting, and studying the Word.
Posted By: Andrea R.
My sister told me about Mack Major's books. And the first one I read was HEDONISM, as I was reading the book I began to notice things in my life that I needed to change. Believe it or not, it was the reason why I was referred to his books. I also read Diva Goddess Queen, Saved Sexy and Still Single, and Jesus the Millionaire. His books spoke to me on a spiritual level. And has a lot to do with why I am the person I am today. I am starting my own business, and Jesus the Millionaire is a wonderful book to teach God's people how to become successful. God has blessed Mack Major, and God has many more blessings to come for him. Love his books!
Posted By: Mia P.
I originally heard of Mack Major's teachings via Facebook. I am so glad that I finally purchased three of the most informative ebooks. I have learned so much, particularly with Hedonism. This kind of knowledge obtained and actually placed into practice is deadly to satan's kingdom of darkness. I am grateful for this. Thank You.
Posted By: Lesa
Saved, Sexy, and Still Single was a excellent book. I appreciate that it not only included practical advice from the man's perspective but biblical principles that drove home the points that were being made. I found myself in many of the topics. Excellent job!!! I pray you continue to write inspiring books such as this...women need it...just have not come to the realization yet!'
Posted By: Pam
POWER is a great book exactly what I need to hear. I am in a high profile position and I am constantly faced with the challenge of not giving into the temptation of beautiful women. This helped put things in better perspective for me.
Posted By: Rob
Picked up HEDONISM because I have struggled with lust for years. Powerful words that'll really open your eyes if you're mature enough to heed the words and examine your life. Everything is backed by scripture which is most important. It's nice to see the dots connect when it comes to spiritual things. I think it's sad that you can't get this type of guidance from the church these days. This is an excellent read...especially if you are struggling like I am.
Posted By: Marcus
Just read Hedonism and my that is valuable information that just proves I have a lot of studying in the word to do. So many of us are walking around clueless. Thanks for the book I just started anew in Christ because of reading it.
Posted By: Noah
"Seduced by the Serpent" was the answer to prayer. I thank the Lord for the depth of information that this book gave. I was recently asked to participate in Kundalini because this person felt my energy, as well as they said it wasn't against my Christianity. I was very skeptical of what it was. My response to this person was that I wasn't interested and that I'd rather allow God to awaken me. I'm so glad of my decision. And now after reading this book, I'm even more ecstatic. Thanking Him for discernment.
Posted By: C.A.T
I own all of Mack's books. I've read 'Hedonism', 'Saved, Sexy, & Still Single' and half of "Diva, Goddess, Queen'. Mack's books awaken something in me. They open me up to the deeper truth I've been seeking but have not found. They confirm truths I've known but haven't yet expressed. They convict and transform me, leaving me unable to enjoy those things I once deemed as innocent. I'm really thankful for his ministry. There are things I questioned God on that his books confirmed. I appreciate whatever life processes brought him to this level of boldness, authenticity, and compassion. You can't read his books and feel comfortable living a lackadaisical christian life. The words combined with the power of the Holy Spirit that moves through you as you read to cut down mental constructs and open your eyes to truth is something you can't pay for. Every time Mack produces I will buy. The cost of this anointing to render such content is not one to put monetary value on. Thank you Mack. Thank you so much for answering the call. I am eternally grateful!!
Posted By: Eboni
Just finished reading POWER and it is a blessing beyond words. Continue writing Bro. Major. The continuous use of your gift is sure to bring more souls to Christ.
Posted By: Troy C
Hallelujah!!! POWER is soo deep very deep!! I am touched and I've began my journey because I've been given a second chance. I have a resolve and made my vows, repented and asked for forgiveness. Thank you Mack!
Posted By: Andrew S.
First of all WOW! I read the DIVA GODDESS QUEEN book last year. That was AWESOME too by the way! HEDONISM was filled with so much information that I simply did not know as a Christian. No one told me that I was participating in demonic activity that had I known about, I would not had touched. This book also explained many aspects of society and the world we live in and how the affects of demonic activity and possession has affected society. Best of all, there are instructions to assist you on being holy and not becoming connected to this world and it's sinful and demonic activity. Today I am cleaning out my holiday closet. Everything goes, christmas tree and all decorations for every pagan holiday. After that I will go room by room removing anything that is unlike GOD and closing all these demonic portals in my home. No wonder I've had so much ungodly drama in my life! Thanks my Brother, Mack Major for allowing GOD to use you to enlighten us.
Posted By: Shelley
I usually steer away from books of this nature. I've always had that "I got this" mentality but I realize that I was only hurting myself. I am so enriched, blessed and more importantly, changed. SAVED, SEXY and STILL SINGLE is a page turner to say the least. I have several bookmarks on pages I will need to revisit along the way. God Bless. Thank You.
Posted By: Rebecca
"POWER" should be required reading and taught in the Church to all Men's ministries. Only for those serious about being set free and healed. Mr Mack the bar has been raised Sir...
Posted By: Jeffrey B
HEDONISM, aside from the Word of God was one of the most inspiring books I've read! I was dealing with my own spirit that I didnt even realize I had, and once I read this book it opened my eyes to a higher perspective of the spiritual war we are fighting against! Thank you for your obedience and creating a book to help force the eyes of the heart open and see what God is trying to show us! I'm truly grateful.
Posted By: Shaunita J.
Hedonism has really touched my soul and opened my eyes to all of my faults. I desire to be a holy vessel for God. I am saved and I feel the Holy Spirit resides in me but everyday is a battle (people). I am focused on getting deep into the word of GOD and starting fresh. Thank you Mack for pointing out so many things we are blind to and most of all, your obedience to God
Posted By: Charnika R.
Posted By: Marie B
Can't explain how perfect "Saved sexy still single" is... Never read anything like it.. Now I'm going to start on "Diva Goddess Queen" ..
Posted By: Alexandrea P.
Saved, Sexy and Still Single is an incredible incredible read!! In the midst of a heart ripping break up, not really knowing what to do next this book literally fell in my lap. I could not put it down! The accuracy of the types of men relating so strongly to some of my situations was mind blowing! I would advise every single woman to read this book! It is a true spiritual and mental cleanse that you definitely need to move forward!
Posted By: Niki S.
I cannot tell you how on time and relevant your book Saved, Sexy, and Still Single was for me. It convicted me to my soul and ultimately helped me make the decision to rededicate my life to God and get baptized. Thank you for using your wisdom that God has given you to help lost souls like me. I'm looking forward to reading your other books!
Posted By: Alexya
Hedonism definitely exposes our ignorance as believers. Thank you Mack Major for giving the unadulterated word of God. The reality is that we as Christians need to stop staying comfortable in the very things that are killing us spiritually!! A great read!!!
Posted By: Esther B.
Just finished reading Hedonism. This book has definitely strengthened me. Thank you brother Major for obeying God.
Posted By: Lynn C
On Hedonism book - Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! Straight cut truth. You can't get confused. Exactly what i needed. Everything is blurry in the world but what we need is the straight up truth, so we know where we stand.
Posted By: Florence
Maaannnn...... Saved, Sexy and Single was something else! No chasers, direct and to the SHARP point. I needed that! Thank you!
Posted By: Rachel
Hedonism was a great read. I really enjoyed the literature in this ebook.
Posted By: Nicole
YOU ARE THE TRUTH!! This book (Saved, Sexy & Still Single) was definitely released in God's perfect divine timing for me. NEVER have I encountered anything even remotely close to what my Spiritual Mother has been teaching me and I've learned to be very careful about what I allow to go into my spirit, but Brother Mack...you are the truth! I thank God for using you relay, confirm, and expose everything that u have in this book! Keep being lead by the Spirit and obedient to your calling...lives are being changed thru your obedience. GOD BLESS U AND MAY HE CONTINUE TO KEEP U..IN JESUS NAME!
Posted By: Kimberlee
Just finished reading Saved, Sexy and Still Single and may I say that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very pleased of the biblical references you used to help make it real to us. I have many women in my family that need the truth shown to them. I pray this book will help. Thank you for spreading the gospel and making it relevant to the younger generation.
Posted By: Brittany
I thoroughly enjoyed your new book Saved Sexy and Still Single. I can not begin to say this book hit home for me in so many ways. I am looking at life with more clarity. Thank you for allowing God to use you as a vessel.
Posted By: Lashawn
Hedonism is an Awesome...Awesome....Awesome... book good refreshing, reminder of the truth and what God is requiring of us in this hour. Make you aware whats going on and why Satan has Havoc in your life because of the double rolls we play and that opens door ways for Satan to have legal right to enter .... God bless you Richly ..... My brother Major
Posted By: Terry B.
I really enjoyed reading Hedonism. I thank God for sending you to expose satan's tactics. Please keep the books coming!
Posted By: Marquita M.
I really enjoyed Hedonism. This book has been very informative for me and my husband. And bought about understanding to things we did not know we were once apart of.
Posted By: Latonya S.
Thanks for such wonderful books. Keep me updated on any new eBooks. After you finish the one, you want to go back and start all over and share the info. God speed in getting the truth out!
Posted By: John F.
This reading was a refreshing of the mind, just realizing how sin has tremendous consequences in our life and our relationship with God....really, coming and accepting Jesus is a declaration for war against all those creeping demonic influences behind sin, there is a spiritual meaning to our actions...I really suggest to any one to read the book Hedonism it was really a blessing and now I seek to follow Christ more seriously and fight the enemy like never before!

God bless brother, God is using you in a powerful way!
Posted By: Derrick
Your books are awesome they have given me so much knowledge and opened my eyes to the truth. Thank you and may the Lord continue to use you.
Posted By: Katrina
Thank you so much for writing Hedonism. It really helped a lot especially with cleaning out my musical playlist.
Posted By: Kashley A.
I read Diva Goddess Queen, but I most say with Hedonism, Mack Major helped pull the veil back further and peaked my spiritual eyes and ears to be more in tune with who I am fighting, and the true ways of the enemies. Learning that we open demonic portals by tattooing and what we think is just dancing in the world turns out to be why we seem to be plagued by demons later on in our lives.

The parable of the Ten Virgins was my favorite, it reminds me that we have to get right church and let's go home,because e's coming back to take away a "perfect" church and we shall be like him. In order to win the war, we must organize, train and equip the soldiers with the right weapons. Hedonism is one weapon in that arsenal.
Posted By: Kryshonda C.
"Hedonism" is a powerful indictment of the world, a lukewarm church and believers who need to examine themselves. Hedonism is a bold and honest look at controversial topics such as masturbation, homosexuality, pornography and tattoos. Mack looks at the spiritual source and pagan rituals associated with habitual sin. It forced me to repent and return to my first love, Jesus.
Posted By: Seans
Thank you so very much for the information that you share, your book 'Hedonism' made me realize that I should go deeper into the things of the LORD, and for that I want to sincerely thank you.
Posted By: Arnoldus L.
I read a post on Facebook that lead me to read Diva Goddess Queen. I was blown away and recommended it to friends immediately. Since then I've read Jesus the Millionaire, Value Your D*ck , and just recently finished Hedonism. All of them have made me question my lifestyle and make changes. Your words are NOT easy to swallow but necessary...just wanted to say thanks.
Posted By: Trevor B.
Thank you for the truth you wrote in Hedonism. In a world where deception is cool and twisting God's Word is praised. So awesome to read a book that keeps you in check.Your breakdown of the parable of the 10 Virgins is a wake up call to Christians everywhere.
Posted By: Wenona.A.
Hedonism is an excellent book! I felt very empowered at the end. God isn't this big teddy bear people have made him out to be. He is the Ruler of the Universe. He has brought down Nations. I don't know why people don't get that. I like your honesty, and you telling people what they need to hear, not just what sounds good.
Posted By: Randi B.
Thank you for an excellent book. Hedonism has valuable insight and information. God bless you for your work and for speaking up for the reality and the truth.
Posted By: Kathy
I just wanted to say that Diva Goddess Queen is an excellent read. If you are struggling with lust, please read. God's word does not lie and this "world" need to be exposed so that those who are enslaved to it, can be set free. Especially if they know what these demonic spirits can cause, and what they can do,and how people can get so entangled, and before they know it, they really went "left field." Thank you for allowing me to see it for myself, and get set free. It's a struggle daily, but with God's help, I'm winning. If you have any other books in this area, I would greatly appreciate emails. God bless.
Posted By: Tara W.
I thank God for using you in such a powerful way and letting you speak freely on a subject that no one speaks about. I did purchase the book Diva, goddess Queen and read it. There are a lot of truth there such as soul ties, secular music that suddenly pop in people's mind even after trying to re-program the mind station, secular artists getting more weird in their attires and actions, Divas, wow so much. I was happy and excited to see the solutions lists as well. Well done sir, May God bless you and cover you under the blood of Jesus always!!!
Posted By: Edwige
I'm on chapter 13 of the Diva, Goddess, Queen book and I must say that Mack has offered serious spiritual truth! It's amazing how much my eyes are opened!
Posted By: Mariah C.
Your books are absolutely mind changing. Helped me analyze some things in my own personal life....Time to wake up!!
Posted By: Josie R.
I just purchased "Diva Goddess Queen." Awesome read!!! Awesome information. The "Church" has a lot of changing to do. Help us Lord!!
Posted By: HDurhamIV
Wow! Totally amazing information for such a time as this. Right now word of knowledge.
Posted By: Teresa T.
oh my goodness thank you so much God surely know what He is doing. Thank you God for Jesus
Posted By: Shimeka W.
Mack you've been absolutely KILLING IT with these books! Great info, and what's more, you are inspiring me to see what's possible as far as living one's life without the 9-5 death race and generating one's OWN resources. THANK YOU! Honors, respect, peace and blessings. KEEP RISING #mackisinslaymode
Posted By: G. Johnson
Really, loved reading Sexy and Still Single. There were a lot of points that inspired me. It cleared up answers that I’ve been searching for. Mack you helped me understand the being Christian and divorced ordeal. I also really liked the relationship frequency part.
Posted By: Ms. Anonymous
I just got my copy of Sexy and Still Single, and I am having trouble putting it down now! Powerful information and insight. I have a history of meeting the same kind of men. I desire to marry one day, but as a 43 year old virgin.....I was lost with dating. I already know I need to work on me in this season and between the tools found in your book and the word.....I know I will be ready when my season comes. Thanks so much Mack.
Posted By: Dorothea K.
Thank you Mack for writing your books. You truly are a gifted man. I absolutely love Sexy and Still Single. When I started reading it last night I could not put it down.
Posted By: Phylicia S.
Who would of thought a 60 year old lady, celibate for almost fourteen years would be dating??? Why because of Mack Major's, SEXY IS NOT ENOUGH! I changed my frequency, tuned in, made adjustment......prayed.....and look what the LORD did!!!!!! Our communication level is out of sight! No subject is off limits and I'm so attracted to his manly intelligence:) Thank you Mack!!! I cannot express my gratitude:)
Posted By: Cathy
I’m starting on my 3rd Mack Major book now while reading Sexy Is Not Enough for the second time. I support. Thank you. Just keep dropping the knowledge. It is much needed. I often have to look back over my life and laugh at some of my old ways and thinking when reading your books. All I can say is wow. Thank you for taking a stand and starting the process of fixing the black family.
Posted By: Suzette M.
Value Your D-ck is definitely the hottest book I have read between this and how to get out of your own way by Tyrese. My two favorite books on the male gender and how to overcome the BS involved with it. Great job Mack.
Posted By: Ron D.
Mack you’ve restored the relationship between me and my girlfriend. She is now my fiancée! It's amazing the things we've been through and what we've taken out of your eBooks regarding love, life, Christianity and relationships. Our communication has improved drastically and it's been the most awesome feeling ever. Being in a relationship where you can talk about anything and do things together. Things have really changed in a good way. We've gone to places that we've always wanted to go to. Exploring and living a little. We are now very open with each other now and this is the most greatest feeling ever!!!

I no longer need to chat to other girls nor answer late night phone calls. These are the things that led to our unhealthy relationship in the first place. My stress levels have gone down, our arguments have lessened drastically! Thanks Mack for your REAL TALK!!! I promise to send you our wedding pictures!!!
Posted By: Mr. Anonymous
Mack, your advice changed my life. You said a key word and it was like a light bulb went off for me. The word was cooperative. You were talking about how men will change, and go above and beyond for a cooperative woman. That was my epiphany. For the past month, I, my children and their father have been getting along better than we ever have since 1988. When I have to communicate to him about our children, I'm mindful of the way I speak and come across to him. I called him up before the beginning of school and conveyed to him that I needed some assistance with the kids’ school items, clothes and supplies. He said that he would get back with me. Well before school, he sent the girls enough money to get everything they needed. And he also told me to give him a call when they need anything. I'm tearing up as I type this. Thanks for keeping it real. I am listening.
Posted By: Ms. Anonymous
I just want to send you a positive message and thank you for sharing your knowledge. I have been receiving your updates since, liking a post that was shared by a friend. I recently bought a set of your e-books specifically Sexy Is Not Enough. The way that you broke down the dynamics of the female and male psyche is very thoughtful and something I really needed right now. I have been in a cycle of unhealthy relationships and just being unhappy. I am now realizing and understanding that I can't complain and yet still co-sign on "BS" it's time to think better and do better. Thank you for providing something positive and thoughtful to read.
Posted By: S.D.
Just wanted to pop in and say I appreciate the knowledge you are putting out here. Personally, I feel like I have grown over the past couple weeks from reading your posts because you have challenged me to think on a deeper level. The truth stings and at first I took offense to alot of your rants, but realized that if I keep trying to defend my actions and keep the victim mindset I will never grow as an individual. So now I soak up your truth, and I feel a shift in my behavior and the way I perceive things. I truly appreciate you for that. God bless!
Posted By: S.B.
I think honestly God led me to your page. I have asked God's forgiveness and I had also told God I can't afford counseling and here I see your page. It has helped me to see my behavior is wrong. It has helped me feel better. Just want to say thanks so much. I'm going to do my best to change my life stop having sex and doing drugs etc...Thank you!!!!! God used you to help me!!
Posted By: Ms. Anonymous
Does anyone have a cure for Mack Major Syndrome because I can't get any sleep or get anything done...lol
Posted By: T.H.
Mack you're most definitely Anointed and Appointed by God! Awesome posts! Blessings always!
Posted By: J.O.
Your updates edifying this woman on the east coast of Africa and love sharing them on my wall. May the activities of the Spirit of wisdom and revelation increase in your life each passing day. May our Father's light shine brighter in your life with each passing day!
Posted By: F.N.
Love love love you Mack!!!! Don't really know you and don't always agree with you but I've always been one for mental stimulation which is exactly what you deliver...so everyday I say my prayer, read my bible, and then read what I call "Mack Major's Food for Thought.
Posted By: S.L.
Thank you…when I read your words of wisdom you remind me of Psalm 19:14 “Let the Words of my mouth, and the mediations of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” You have a special gift.
Posted By: A.R.
I'm sure women across the nation will agree, you are a breath of fresh air when it comes to a man and his point of view. You get it and you choose to share it, not in a demeaning way, but so that others can learn. And for that I simply want to say thank you!
Posted By: T.A.
Mack! I just finished reading your book Value Your D-ck. About to read it a second time! We're really in a spell like you said in the book.
Posted By: Joseph L.
I have had the pleasure of reading the essays of Mack Major for quite a few years before this compilation and I have watched as his insight and commentary about love, politics, society, and religion have grown deeper and richer in time. His messages have a raw sophistication that truly peels back all the intricate layers of any subject he tackles. You can't help but be compelled to do the work of self-introspection and experience transformation as you read his words. I have come to rely on Mack's musings to keep motivated to enhance my own unique gifts and talents, stay inquisitive and critical of the world around me and deepen my intimate relationships with others. Sexy Is Not Enough, is to be read, re-read and shared with anyone who desires to be sharpened by iron!
Posted By: Traci R.
I really enjoy your books Mack, especially Sexy Is Not Enough...a wealth of info about life, love and spirituality...your book helped me look at life, myself and others in a totally different way...and helped me resolve some life issues I procrastinated with addressing years ago. Plus I got a husband out of it!
Posted By: N. Jones
Reading your books and applying what was applicable to me has changed my life, and I'm seeing the fruits of my change... I'm a much happier wife, our marriage is thriving every day. Thank you Mack
Posted By: Theresa D.

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