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Bound By The Power of Lust

Bound By The Power of Lust

ISBN: (Mack Major)

Are you bound by the power of lust?

It is God's desire that His children live sexually clean lives. But many of us have been so programmed by the culture to do whatever makes us feel good, that when we try to live right as believers, we end up struggling to do so.

How do you know if you are bound by lust? One way you can know is if you keep finding yourself involved sexually with people you are not married to. Another way you'll know is if you have a habit of "self pleasure" that is used to compensate when the urge kicks in.

Masturbation is just another way of fornicating without feeling the guilt of actually sleeping with someone else.

God doesn't want us having sneaky links: He wants us to link up with His Holy Spirit.

If this is an area where you struggle, it's time for you to get the help you need so the struggle can end.

Invest in yourself, in your own inward development. And who knows: maybe the relationship you've been praying, hoping and believing God for can finally manifest - once you make the commitment to line this area of your life up with God's Word.

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