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ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-7323547-0-8 (Mack Major)

This ebook is about the origin of demons. Jesus gave us the power to cast out demons. But few even know what a demon is, let alone how to cast one out.

Many have heard about the marine kingdom before—but up until now, no one has really gone into deep enough detail to show from a biblical perspective whether or not this mysterious realm even exists.

  • What are demons?
  • Where do they come from?
  • Where do they go when they leave a person, and where do they live?
  • Why was the old world flooded out by God and only Noah and his family were saved alive?
  • What happened to the spirits of all those people who died during Noah’s Flood? Where are they now?
  • What happened to the Angels that were kicked out of heaven; and where are they being kept at today?
  • Why are lakes and rivers given names?
    Why does every culture speak of people or spirits that are half-man, half-fish that live beneath the waters?
  • Why did the legion of demons in the gospel accounts request of Jesus that they not be sent into the deep?
  • What is the beast that rises from the oceans in Revelation 13?

These and many other questions are answered in this power-packed ebook. Download now!

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