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Sexy Is Not Enough

Sexy Is Not Enough

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-7340350-5-6 (Mack Major)

We live in an era of sexy…

Everybody is working feverishly to be sexy these days: in the gym doing squats, lifting weights, beefing up their glutes, getting their chest muscles and biceps right… and working on those derrieres. All in the hopes of obtaining the right amount of “sexy” that will finally land them into the right relationship.

But what happens when there is sexiness overkill: when there are so many attractive bodies running around that it becomes average and no longer unique—but the new norm?

What do you do when no one stands out anymore—because everybody is sexy? How do you stand out and attract someone then, in such an overcrowded and confusing dating market?

What happens when sexy is simply not enough?

That’s the question of the hour. And it’s the subject of our newest ebook: SEXY IS NOT ENOUGH; a collection of hilarious and powerfully insightful essays written by Mack Major, about the current state of affairs in the dating world.

There are a lot of books out there on dating and relationships: but not everyone has genuine answers that lead to excellent outcomes. Reading this ebook gives you an unfair advantage so you can get the results you need and desire.

After all: if having a sexy body and a pretty face were all that it took to get into a relationship and eventual marriage, most of you would’ve been married a long time ago. Something more is missing; and that’s what this ebook is all about.

As you devour this ebook, you will rise to a different level as you easily stand out and become preeminent to those who are seeking someone just like you.

Stop competing in an overcrowded market. Own the market instead.

Download and start reading it now!

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