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Pledging To The Demonic

Pledging To The Demonic

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-4-9 (Mack Major)

What happens when a Believer pledges their allegiance to the demonic?

We answer this question in our ebook titled "Pledging To The Demonic"—and it’s all about Black Greek Letter Organizations, better known as BGLOs and the Divine Nine.

The Divine 9 is a group of social fraternities and sororities designed for black college students, for the express purpose of providing camaraderie, a sense of unity and professional business networking opportunities in the professional world after college.

These groups are marketed as helpful organizations dedicated to serving the needs within the black community. They’re even presented as being Christian-based groups—but nothing could be further from the truth.

These organizations are anything but innocent and harmless. And they are far from Christian.

Black Greek Letter Organizations are steep in the mystery occult traditions of ancient pagan Greek society, and in the ancient gods and mysteries of Egypt: the same gods that were condemned by God during the days of Moses.

When a Believer pledges to join in a covenant relationship with organizations that are extensions of the occult, what happens when God withdraws His power and presence from that person’s life?

After all: He’s a jealous God, and won’t share His glory with another deity.

In this powerful ebook, Mack Major:

  • exposes each Black Greek organization, including how almost every black political and social leader of note in America today is a member of a BGLO;
  • names the demonic entity that’s attached to each of the 9 organizations; and
  • clarifies why things have gotten worse, not better, for the black community under the leadership, guidance and spiritual influence of BGLO culture.

By the time you finish reading, you will understand why fleeing from these organizations should be of paramount importance to those seeking to make it with Christ in these final hours.

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