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SEDUCED BY THE SERPENT: Yoga and Tantric Sex Revealed

SEDUCED BY THE SERPENT: Yoga and Tantric Sex Revealed

ISBN: 978-0-9964219-6-6 (Mack Major)

This ebook is for mature adult readers only. The topics discussed are highly detailed and graphic: so reader discretion is highly advised!

Yoga. Tantric sex. These are two very popular themes from the world of Hinduism currently making their rounds in western culture today. Many Christian churches have now jumped on the bandwagon, offering members classes in yoga and eastern meditation practices. And some churches have even begun teaching Tantra as part of marriage enrichment classes!

But yoga is far from a harmless way to exercise or meditate. Yoga is a Hindu form of prayer to Hindu gods, and it literally means to yoke oneself to those different gods and deities.

The Bible very clearly warns believers to NOT be unequally yoked with unbelievers. (2 Corinthians 6:14). Why then are so many Christians today yoking themselves to the different gods of Hinduism?

In Mack Major’s ebook SEDUCED BY THE SERPENT: Yoga and Tantric Sex Revealed, the lide is blown off, revealing the mysterious world of Yoga and Tantric Sex; and the dark spirituality that surround them. This ebook will sound a clear alarm for all to hear; and will reveal what yoga and tantric sex truly is about: not just from a Christian perspective, but from the mouths of those who practice and teach these spiritual disciplines in their purest forms.

If you thought yoga was just a harmless way to exercise and tantra was just an interesting way to spice up your love life, you won’t think so after reading this powerful ebook.

This work will literally snatch the covers off these secretive practices once and for all, and leave the reader with a thorough more informed understanding about what yoga and tantric sex really is about. Here’s a hint: it’s NOT what you’ve been told!

Don’t be beguiled by seducing spirits any longer! Inform yourself today by downloading this unique one of a kind ebook.

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