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PORN: When Pleasure Becomes Possession

PORN: When Pleasure Becomes Possession

ISBN: ISBN: 978-1-7323547-0-8 (Mack Major)

Many Christians are engaging in watching adult movies without any clue about the ancient roots of the porn industry. They don’t know the secret behind porn and the one big fact the industry does not want you to know..

When you engage in watching pornography, you are opening your mind to being taken over and possessed by sex demons.

This is why people who watch porn regularly discover a thirst for it and cannot seem to get enough. It’s destroying relationships, killing marriages and causing people to objectify each other in humiliating, degrading and even dangerous ways.

If you’ve already opened yourself to these demons and it’s evident because you know have an addiction watching porn and cannot stop, how do you get free? How do you get your life back?

Uncover the hidden secrets of the porn industry, and how to break free right now!

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