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Value Your V

Value Your V

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-9-4 (Mack Major)

The purpose of this little book is to inspire and encourage you to see the value in your most precious and important asset: YOU.

You are more than just the sum total of your lady parts. You are more than quickies, one-night stands and trips to the grown folk’s toy shop.

You are a beautifully intricate, wonderfully made reflection of the Divine concept of what a gift to humanity should be. It doesn't matter who you are or what you've done. You are still capable of becoming God's best version of you.

But in our modern world you've been reduced to your basic body parts and recategorized as a provider of pleasure to those who are too dense to understand the complexities of who you really are.

God LOVES you ladies! I don't think many of you truly understand this. So this book is your friendly reminder—told in the matter of fact manner that only Mack Major can write it—that you are much more than what society today says you are.

We're going to rebuke some errant thought patterns, restore your rightful identity and place you on the path to absolute manifestation of who you are supposed to be.

But don't think this book will be a calm walk in the park. I will challenge you; upset you; anger you. But most of all you'll be reminded of your own potential for transcendence and greatness. The power is truly in your hands.

So dive in: and get ready to be transformed.

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