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Who is Eden Decoded

Media is supposed to clarify reality; not create reality. For too long the powerful tool of media has been concentrated in the hands of a few elites who’ve been corrupted by the power they’ve held. They have used media to confuse truth and clarify lies, serving an agenda to confuse and to reshape the definition of family values, recreate the mission and message of the Church, destroy Constitutional government and to reshape the world into a socialist experiment with America leading and enforcing the transformation and change for the rest of the world community.

We are Christian media. Our perspective is Christian because we know that our God reigns supreme; and ultimately this world belongs to Him and to His Son, Jesus Christ.

We speak from a Christian perspective because we know that the Christian perspective is the future perspective of the world anyway. And we are preparing ourselves to be a leading voice in the war for America’s soul.

Our specialty is unveiling how sexual non-restraint as promoted by liberalism and the far left in politics and the media has weakened American Christians and rendered them incapable of standing against the encroachment of a godless culture that has resulted in the decimation of traditional families, the destruction of African American communities, the rise in abortion, the objectification of women, and the poisoning of American churches.

Our mission is to be a voice of soundness and reason in the midst of the confusion and clutter. We are that yellow caution light, warning people that danger potentially lay ahead, therefore people should proceed with caution.

We are that traffic signaler when there’s road construction going on, warning people to slow down and to pay attention to what’s going on around them, noting the danger that exists around them.

Will most people listen to us? Of course not. We’re not naïve enough to believe the masses would. We’re not here to save the masses. We know that groupthink runs strong in the thinking and behavioral patterns of the mob. We are here for that one person—maybe you—who doesn’t quite fit in’ the individual who still thinks like an individual, and not a brain-dead zombie on a search for flesh to satisfy his or her appetite for base animal pleasure.

By the very nature of our existence, we will cause a crisis in the hearts and minds of those who come across our material. And that’s fine. We will light the flames of discontent within the modern groupthink and stoke the fires of change until the transformation of many is complete.

We are here to create disciples of a newer, better, and more liberated way of thinking and living. And it’s our pleasure to do our duty with all the power that God provides us.

Welcome to the movement.