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DEFEATING ANTICHRIST: Demolishing the Myth That Christianity Is The Oppressor’s Religion

DEFEATING ANTICHRIST: Demolishing the Myth That Christianity Is The Oppressor’s Religion

ISBN: 978-1-7323547-7-7 (Mack Major)

For too long black people have been told many lies and myths about Christianity. We’ve been told that Christianity is the white man’s religion; that the Bible was written by King James and William Shakespeare of England; that Jesus couldn’t be Jesus’ real name because the letter J didn’t come into existence until long after Jesus lived; and we’ve been told that Christianity was used to enslave black people and to keep us docile compliant servants.

But none of this is true! And up until now these lies have not been adequately challenged and proven factually false with historical evidence and irrefutable truth. Nothing destroys lies and myths like the truth.

Introducing—DEFEATING ANTICHRIST: Demolishing the Myth that Christianity is the Oppressor’s Religion.

If you’re a Christian who’s tired of always being placed on the defensive about your faith and belief in Jesus Christ by whose who love to attack your beliefs, this ebook will be a powerful gun in your hands to destroy the lies of Satan at the very source.

Packed with historical information and knowledge, there is information in this ebook that hasn’t been seen or written about anywhere else. So you’ll be the first to know many of the facts you are about to read!

  • Learn the truth about the letter J in relation to Jesus’ name.
  • Learn the mind-blowing truth about slavery in conjunction with Christianity.
  • Learn who the real Uncle Toms are among us, and what the house Negroes were really like compared to the field slaves (it’s NOT what you think!)
  • Plus so much more. There are so much history and facts presented in this ebook it will leave you feeling fully empowered to stand firm in your faith in the midst of opposition; and finally send your attackers running.
    It’s time to put down and permanently demolish those lies that re used by Christ-haters to sow seeds of doubt in your mind about Jesus Christ.

It’s a fact that we’re living in the end ties. And the end times is all about deception. In this hour if you don’t know how to adequately defend the faith with facts and truth against those who will attack you, you may get swept away in the rising tide of lies and deceit.

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