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INSPIRE: Overcoming Shadows Of Self

INSPIRE: Overcoming Shadows Of Self

ISBN: (Mack Major)

The definition of ‘inspire’ means to be in spirit. It denotes being informed, enlightened, empowered and lifted up by a spiritual power greater than your own, from the inside out.

The devil wants you to look outside of yourself for help. However, Jesus teaches us to go within, and live from an inner place of understanding and perspective.

It’s not life, not ‘the man,’ not some woman or man who broke your heart, a parent who wasn’t there for you, the church, your job, not even a physical handicap; it’s you More specifically, it’s the way you’ve been viewing things in your life. Maybe it’s time for a new perspective; time to turn over a new leaf: Time for NEW inspiration!

INSPIRE: Overcoming Shadows Of Self was written to help you go from broke and near suicidal, to living the life of your dreams. Insight and ideas will be sparked and birthed into your spirit as you read this collection. Be sure to capture and record those ideas when they come.

Sit back. Relax. And prayerfully ask God to minister to your heart and mind while you read. Be empowered and strengthened by the might of our awesome God. God bless.

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