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Some Enter Through Pleasure

Some Enter Through Pleasure

ISBN: 978-1-7340350-6-3 (Mack Major)

* Warning; this ebook contains some explicit images of historical and archeological artifacts. Discretion advised.

There is a difference between liking sex… and being addicted to it.

Nymphomania—an unhealthy addiction to sex—is real. Many people today, including Christians, have literally become addicted to unhealthy sexual practices. They are online searching for porn, acting out their deepest and darkest sexual fantasies through masturbation and fornication.

The Center for Disease Control says that sexually transmitted diseases are at an all-time high. But how can this be in the age of HIV, AIDS and COVIC-19? Wouldn’t people be less inclined towards unsafe sexual practices? Why then are the numbers so high?

It’s because the Church and the world in general have yet to grapple with the reality of sex spirits.

There’s a reason why the Bible warned us against sinful sexual practices.

When we engage in such things as fornication (sex outside of marriage), adultery, masturbation, pornography, swinging. BDSM, homosexuality, lesbianism, transgenderism, bisexuality, pan=sexuality, pedophilia, coprophilia (abnormal sexual pleasure through feces and defecation), gender reassignment and other such twisted, unnatural and ungodly sexual practices—there are groups of evil spirits that become attracted to those engaging in these things. In fact, it’s often the spirits that are causing people to do them.

Many Christians today are plagued with sex spirits. Their sinful lifestyles and rebellious choices have led them into the camp of the enemy, where evil and unclean spirits now take up residence in their lives.

And when those spirits come, they will seek to attach themselves to a person permanently, driving them into extremely risky behavior with the ultimate goal of destroying them in every way. This is the hidden unspoken of reason why so many women today struggle to get into meaningful relationships that lead to marriage; and why many men are plagued with lack of success in business and financial matter.

These evil spirits don’t just seek to destroy you: they want to destroy every meaningful area and aspect of your life.

SOME ENTER THROUGH PLEASURE reveals the game plan and agenda of these unclean spirits. It shows how to identify their activity in your life; how they get attached to people; and ultimately it provides the solutions for getting rid of them permanently.

Jesus Christ wants us to walk in freedom in every area of our lives: including our sex lives. It’ time to come out of shame, condemnation, and spiritual and sexual darkness. And come into full glory and light of the freedom of the gospel.

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